5 Things You Can Outsource to Save Time

Did you ever stop to calculate the value of your time?

As an entrepreneur, you are used to doing everything yourself.  But did you ever stop to calculate the value of your time?  We’ve all heard the expression “You should be spending your time working on your business, not in your business”, but did you ever really consider how that applies to you?

I’ve written before about the benefits of working with an Administrative Consultant or Virtual Assistant, and even linked to articles where highly successful entrepreneurs talk about the benefits of having someone else handle your administrative tasks for you, but in case you are still wondering exactly what that would look like, I’ve decided to periodically post things here that you are better off not spending your time on.  Here is this week’s list:

    1. Client Invoicing.  Your Administrative Consultant can prepare and email invoices, making sure that you are paid on time!
    1. Newsletter or email announcements to your list.  Your Administrative Consultant can work on the newsletter layout and schedule when it will be sent out, as well as maintaining your email database.
    1. Webinars and teleseminars.  Your Administrative Consultant can set up the seminar, do a technical run-through with you and monitor the webinar while it’s happening, as well as arranging to share the recording afterwards.
    1. Your eBook, marketing or website copy.  Your Administrative Consultant edits, formats and/or proofreads drafts as you go along.
    1. Event management.  Your Administrative Consultant can research the best venue for your next seminar or event, as well as help with sending out announcements about the event, tracking RSVPs and sending out reminders.

Those are just a few (very few!) items to think about.

When you think about having more free time, which tasks come to mind that you would should not be doing?  Have you considered working with a Virtual Assistant or Administrative Consultant to help you?  I would love to hear your thoughts!


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