5 Things to Look Out For When Preparing Your Next Big Project

Congratulations! You’ve taken the plunge and started your own business. The coming months and possible years are likely to be a rollercoaster of emotions; excitement, nerves, inspiration, foreboding, joy, panic, freedom and a thousand other feelings will all jostle for position in your heart and mind. You will be busier than you have ever been, but the satisfaction of growing something of your own creation will be due reward. It will not always be easy sailing – a multitude of obstacles lurk around every bend in the road, just waiting to trip you up. Let’s look at a few of these and see if we can help you smooth out the journey somewhat:

Collateral Damage

Even in this age of reliance on digital media, there is no substitute for the personal touch. The way that you present yourself will play a huge part in your prospective clients’ perceptions of you and the value that you can deliver to them. It is important that you are set up with business collateral as soon as possible to help you communicate the right message. Business cards, brochures, letterheads and other items will help you to hit the ground running and tell people that you’re ready to do business. With same day printing available pretty much everywhere, there’s no reason to delay getting started.

Outstanding Branding

So, what are you to put on those business cards? As a new business, you probably feel that you are too busy trying to win business so that you can pay this month’s mortgage to worry about building a stunning logo and brand identity for your enterprise. Most likely, you’ve made do with something for the time being and will come back to it once you’re financially stable. In truth, a visually attractive brand that makes your business look great and communicates the right message can be one of the best investments you can make early in the piece. Consumers are incredibly visual and respond positively to brands that they find attractive or appealing. Make a great first impression, and you’ve increased your chances of success.

Social Skills

Social media can be a vortex that sucks away your time and resources. However, there is simply no understating the importance of the role that it can play in building your brand. With so many other things to worry, it’s critical to ensure that you don’t get lost down the rabbit hole of cat videos and pictures of people’s breakfast and stay focused on delivering quality, engaging, informative and entertaining content that will tell people who you are and what you do. 

Law and Order

As a new business, you have the freedom to build your business into whatever you wish it to be. It is imperative to spend some time considering what business structure you wish to pursue. Whether you operate as a sole trader, a partnership or proprietary limited enterprise will have significant implications on your tax personal, company and sales tax, any legal problems that you may face down the track and a variety of other factors. It’s definitely worth speaking to a qualified accountant and lawyer before settling on the right structure for you.

Digital Marketing

Whatever your business, competition is tough, and you will need to be visible in order to be found by prospective clients. The Internet offers unparalleled opportunities to attract qualified inbound leads to your door and promote yourself. A high-quality website and a sound digital marketing strategy are the best investments you can make to get your business humming.

This is really just the beginning, however, with these tips in mind, you will be well on your way to building the success that you dream of!


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