5 Things You Should Know About WordPress

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If you’re not already, you should be using WordPress. I seriously heart WordPress, a lot, and have been using it since 2007. Why? Well, generally speaking it’s not the new kid on the block; WordPress has been around since way back in 2003. As of last year there were nearly 10 million downloads and it’s used by nearly 60 million  websites, so I’d say its pretty popular. But my top 5 reasons for lovin’ WordPress are pretty basic:

First and foremost, it’s stupid, easy to use, plain and simple. You don’t need to have any prior HTML experience at all. If you are even remotely familiar with Office Word, it won’t be a stretch for you to navigate how to create posts and pages in WordPress. Another major bonus is that you no longer need to wait for a “webmaster” to update your site. (Webmaster?! I am seriously dating myself.)

Second, you can change your website design, insto-chango, lickety-split fast. Change “themes” to completely redesign the look, layout and functionality of your website in minutes without having to rebuild from scratch. Themes are the skin of your WordPress site; how it looks and feels. There are thousands of premium WordPress themes at your disposal and even more free plug-ins that you can add to give your website even more gusto.

Third, every wordpress site comes ready built with a media library where you can store images and documents and once added to your library each are outfitted with a url making them easy to share as links. You can even batch load to your media library to save time.

Fourth, we all know that Google has gotten wise to keyword shenanigans of yesteryear so the new buzz is all about quality content but even still, WordPress was created to be extremely SEO friendly. So if you’re just starting out don’t fret about SEO right off, however it’s not a bad idea to beef up your SEO efforts with some help from a reputable SEO plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Fifth, your business website and blog can live in the same place so there’s no need to have a separate WordPress or Tumblr or Blogger site. Use WordPress and it is all right there for you living under your domain. As your business grows, share company and industry news updates in your blog which of course will go a long way in helping your SEO.

I am a huge proponent of DIY and if that’s the route you’re taking to build or redesign your website, I can’t recommend WordPress enough. Want to learn more before you take the plunge? Chat me up, I’d love to help.

Photo Credit: Phil Oakley via Compfight cc


Jaszy McAllister is a freelance writer and media consultant. She offers assistance with creating brand identity, marketing, multi-media production, social media management, and web design. Additionally, Jaszy is an actress and avid Latin dancer. When not working, which is rare, she enjoys fresh sushi, good pizza, live music and sci-fi movies. Get social with her on facebook and twitter @MsJaszy.

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