5 of the Most Thrilling Zip Line Rides in the World

Zip lining is quickly becoming the new favorite sport for travelers all over the globe due to its safe nature, no experience necessary and breathtaking views. Companies are upping the ante with new and improved zip line tours, trying to beat each other out for faster, longer and larger. If you are an adrenaline junkie you will have to look no further than these five best zip lines in the world. And for those just starting out, there are lots of options for you too.

  1. Pronutro Zip 2000, Sun City, South Africa

Proclaimed as the longest zip line in the world, this terrifying and thrilling line runs a record 1.2 miles. Riders here will reach speeds of up to 85 miles per hour, the fastest speed one can reach on a zip line (thus far). To make things even more exciting riders are strapped in superman style with a rudder placed between your legs to keep you going straight down this course. You can expect to soar over 900 feet above ground over rugged terrain and you are guaranteed to have the ride of your life.

2. AdrenaLUNA, St. Lucia

One of the only places you can zip line at night and only a few times a month around the full moon. The AdrenaLUNA lets visitors explore the rainforest at night by zip lining from platform to platform only by moonlight. A special treat awaits you at the end as you swing off a Tarzan rope into a large nest. From there you can choose to rappel peacefully or rapidly back down to earth. What makes this zip line so sought after is its uniqueness and excitement that comes only from going at night.

3. Icy Straight Point, Alaska

This zip line claims to be the largest in the world and it may be just that, offering six separate one-mile lines. Six riders at a time take to the top and drop 1,300 feet over 90 seconds. Average speeds hit about 65 miles an hour but the record to date is 82 miles per hour. The ride starts with a 45 minute tour and an eight mile bus ride to the top of the mountain. The views are unparallel; rugged treetops, mountain views and ocean views.

4. Sky Trek in Arenal, Costa Rica

Riders start off this tour by taking an open air gondola ride up to the heights where an excellent observation point awaits you, and this is where you will start your zip line adventure. The zip lines stretch between canyons and through treetops and even if it rains, bursting through the fog at high speeds can be even more fun. There are seven zip lines to conquer, the longest being 760m. Riders will get the full view of the Arenal Volcano and its surrounding lands, leaving you breathless.

5. Screaming Eagle Tours – Banning, Georgia

Screaming Eagle is the world’s longest and Largest zip line canopy tour, as verified by Guinness World Records and is a must do if you happen to be in the historic town of Banning, Georgia. This zip line tour company offers different levels of zip lines to accommodate families, extreme daredevils and everyone in between. Their ultimate package includes up to 60 zip lines including the half mile long high speed screaming eagle line. Riders can expect speeds of 80 miles per hour and a whole day of thrills here.


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