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Traveling for leisure is one thing, and traveling for business is another. For business travelers, time equals money, and traveling as efficiently as possible is a priority.

Certainly, the easiest way to travel efficiently is by traveling light. And if you can manage shoving all your belongings into carry-on bags, the better. Imagine the amount of time you’ll save by not having your bags checked and not having to wait at the baggage carousel. What’s more, no worrying about your luggage being stolen or misplaced either!

If you have tried fitting it all into carry-on bags but have failed, it could be because that you haven’t been packing the right way. Here are a few packing tips you could use.

Ship the Important Things

If you need to take your laptop, presentations, and important documents with you, consider shipping them to the hotel you’re going to stay at. This way, you won’t have to bear the charges for additional bags or check the important stuff only to never see it again. You could also consider e-mailing important files to yourself and getting them printed once you reach the hotel.

Be sure to ship things in advance. Also check with the hotel to make sure that they hold packages for guests. Do ask at the reception desk if they can print a few pages for you. If they can’t, ask them where the nearest printing center is and make a note of it.

Plan Your Outfits

Instead of throwing in all your favorite shirts and skirts, plan your outfits wisely. This will help you stick to packing clothes that are absolutely necessary.

Pick clothes that you can easily mix and match with other items. For example, women can wear the same skirt twice and yet look different by pairing it with different blouses. Women can also pair a blouse with a skirt one day, and a trouser and a jacket the next day. Men can wear the same pair of trousers with different blazers and shirts.

Keep in mind that neutrals usually go well with everything. So be sure to pack lots of blacks, beiges, whites, and creams. If you can’t go neutral, pick a single bright color and work around it.

Packing clothes that go well with each other means you get to wear several outfits without carrying extra clothes. Do remember to accessorize with different scarves, pocket squares, or statement jewelry!

When it comes to footwear, you’ll need a pair of flip-flops, a pair of casual shoes, and a pair of formal shoes. Nothing more is necessary; so save the space for other important stuff.

And don’t forget to carry clothes that suit the occasion. Sure, you’re going on a business trip but you do pack appropriate clothes for any extra activities you think you’ll be indulging in- like fishing or playing golf. Pack a couple of casuals if you intend to spend a day or two shopping or checking out the place.

A beach dress and a swimsuit, or a pair of swimming trunks is a must if you want to enjoy a day at the beach or by the pool. If you can’t go a day without hitting the gym, carry your gym clothes too. Remember, it’s just the unnecessary that isn’t allowed!
Launder Clothes Instead of Taking Extras

The hotel you’ll be staying at will do the laundry for you. So you don’t need to pack three night suits for a two-night stay.

If hotel laundry bills seem exorbitant, find out where the nearest Laundromat is and get your clothes laundered for a lot less!

Pack Smartly

Rolling your clothes instead of folding them will take up less space. You can also prevent creases this way. However, if you want your shirt collars to stay up, fold them and lay them flat.

Place your shoes and bulky clothing like pants and sweaters in the corners of the bag so that the weight is evenly distributed. Fit all rolled clothes in the center and layer the flat ones neatly on top.

Lighter items like toiletries, camera, chargers, etc. should be placed above your clothes. Note that hotels provide toiletries for use, so try to do without your favorite brands for a few days and use the stuff your hotel provides. If you can’t, fill small bottles or containers with your face wash, shampoo, conditioner, creams, etc. or get sample-size products that will last you till you get back home.
Wear the Bulky Stuff

If you’re headed to someplace cold, you’ll have to keep yourself warm. Be sure to pack enough thin layers in your carry-on.

Additionally, you will need a bulky clothing item such as a jacket or overcoat. If you don’t have the space for it, simply put it on while traveling. You can always remove it when required.


Whether you’re going away for just a couple of days or a couple of weeks, it is possible to travel light. With the tips mentioned here, you’ll have no trouble fitting it all into your carry-on. Do start packing well in advance. If you leave the packing to the last minute, you’re sure to throw in things you don’t need.

Keep in mind that all airlines have different carry-on baggage restrictions. Just make sure that the dimensions of your carry-on bag conform to the regulations laid out by your carrier. Clarify all you need to in advance so you don’t end up paying extra fees for anything.

Happy packing!

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Eva Hines is a blogger who frequently writes about her travel and adventure experiences. She is a travel enthusiast and also associated with Bookcab.in.

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