5 Tips For Keeping Your Content On Trend In 2013

Our world today is moving at turbo speed. Changes in the marketing landscape usher changes in the business landscape, but what remains unchanged is marketing strategies that propel prospects to your products and services. Today businesses need to employ an artful mix of old and new marketing tactics to be a top performer.

Here are 5 Tips for Keeping Your Content On Trend in 2013.

Keep it On Point. Whether you’re creating a blog post, mail drop, event invitation or e-newsletter, the copy should be targeted to your ideal customer and straight forward to read. Simple and straightforward works.

Compelling Visuals. People are more likely to engage if there’s a great visual. Consider graphic design trends for 2013 to ensure your creatives are attention grabbing. Also, consider usinginfographics to illustrate an offering or add dimension to a process. Instagram is also great way to inject personality to your brand and content.

Make it Personal. Make a concentrated effort to get to know your subscribers and followers. Knowing your audience is essential today. Now, combine that with a dash of your own ‘real’ personality and you have a winning combination. Showing realism behind your brand while being mindful of your audiences interests, needs and wants will cement their loyalty.

Get Found. Familiarize yourself with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In brief, consider keywords customers use to find out more about you. Applying this to your website and blog post publishing will prove beneficial in getting your content found and generating awareness.

Keep it Original. Being a thought leader is multi-faceted and delivering original content for blog posts, strategies and incentives will not only keep people interested, but give them a reason to return to your site and social channels.

Now that you have a tips for keeping your content on trend for 2013, what three things will you start, stop or change in 2013? Want to add some ‘juice’ to your 2013 Marketing plans? Connect today and let’s talk.


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