No matter how much or how little you travel, a trip is always easier when you show up prepared. When traveling, things will be obviously new and different. As you acclimate, you might feel frustrated, irritated and fatigued, but with prior research you can lessen the shock factor and be more mindful and present on your trip. Remember life (and travel) is an adventure, if you can find ways to worry less you’ll enjoy it more.

Last week I had the pleasure of traveling to Tucson, Arizona with Corning® Gorilla® Glass for its Blogger Bootcamp. I decided to maximize my time between meetings and take in some beautiful hikes. At the end of the trip I felt both productive and refreshed.

Below are some simple travel hacks I used last week and on most trips. I recommend them as a way to make your next trip go as smoothly as possible.

1. Make a list of what you need to buy, pack and do way before any travel occurs.

  • IMG_2086 copyIn terms of making lists, I love the new stylus feature on my Samsung Galaxy Note5. The Galaxy Note5 comes with a cool stylus pen tucked into the device right at the bottom making it super easy to jot down notes and items to pack on the fly.


2. Pack light with easy-to-move luggage

  • I’ve always been a multi-device packer. The new camera on the Galaxy Note 5 with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 is one of the most powerful on the market. (Hurray, I can leave my bulky camera at home). There’s auto-HDR right on the screen (this helps keep photos looking true to life) and panorama an20160305_121253 copyd selective focus as separate modes within. Furthermore, the optical image stabilization (OIS), helps keep shaking hands from blurring shots. Most importantly, the phone is super tough and helps protect against drops thanks to Gorilla Glass 4 giving me peace of mind when I am out and about.

Look at the awesome pic I took on my hike in Tucson!


3. Stay Connected

  • It is important for me to be able with friends and family back home when one is away. The Galaxy Note5 with Gorilla Glass 4 is super durable and travel ready. An added bonus is the extra long battery life. The Galaxy Note5 is both dependable for meeting and durable on a hike. Perfect to stay connected and share real time updates with your home base.

Selfie on the jeep tour!20160306_110333

4. Dress comfortably — but also practically

  • For many people adapting to a different climate and time change will take some time. However, with a little research you can prepare yourselves both physically and mentally. I like to surf the net prior to the trip and check the local weather. Dress comfortably particularly while you are en route. Rather than bringing new clothes consider old standbys to help you through days that you feel out of sorts.

5. Most important, set up an extra vacation day (if you can) and use it just for transition and ‘down time’.

  • That extra day can give you the time you need to get back into your pre-vacation routine. Give yourself some time to relax and recover, (much less catch up on laundry!).

Home sweet home with my sweet dog Matilda!


This blog post was sponsored by Corning Incorporated the opinions and text are all mine.


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