5 Tips to Boost Your Search Engine Marketing/PPC Campaign Performance

imagesSearch engine marketing or pay per click helps you to be highly visible on search engines right away, without any hassle. Unlike search engine optimization, you don’t have to wait for months to reach top ranks in organic results.

But people who use SEM often, would agree, it has become not just complex but competitive as well to achieve desirable goals through it. Moreover, if you are conducting Search Engine Marketing without any strategy and structure then you’re most likely to face lower conversion rate, lesser click through rate, and bloating budget cost.

However with a clear thought out goals, comprehensive strategy and understanding of target customer, you’re assured of better returns. Yes, it is easy but all you need is thinking, a little knowledge and research.

These are the basics, apart from this, when you’re conducting SEM campaign there are few tips we have outlined that can help you boost its performance.

Note: before you get started, you need – consistent efforts, clear goals, and a plan.

Think ROI. Think Conversion.

Usually, we develop SEM campaigns to bring in more leads and increase revenue. Therefore, from the outset, before you launch campaign, you’ve to condition your mind to think everything from analytics, bidding, creatives to strategy from ROI and conversion point of view.

Develop a measurable goal but don’t forget to calculate expected conversion rate and the returns you will achieve on it. Force your strategy to revolve around ROI and conversion rate, keep it specific and structured. Don’t make any hypothetical remarks, instead, use formulas and use credible historical data, trends, widgets and SaaS to help you improve lead generation, conversion rate, click through rates and most importantly your ROI – return on investment, exponentially.

Eventually, not the traffic, click through rates or any other data would matter, but the revenue, profit or returns you made definitely would.

Monitoring and Analytics

As you might be thinking ROI and searching for the techniques to improve conversion rate, let me tell you something, you don’t have to look outside but into your data.

Yes, it’s all game in the monitoring and analytics part of the SEM, where you would get opportunities and clues to target at the right time, to right people, with your right product.

All you have to do is to stay updated, just closely follow the trends and seasons, and keep an eye on your analytics and competitors’ analytics. Google Adwords with Google Analytics is the popular choice, however there are free and paid analytics and monitoring tools such as ClickEquations Analyst that are available to help you do this better and intelligently.

You just have to – monitor, track, analyze, closely watch and optimize.

In Google Adwords’ enhanced campaign, you can use extensions – location, call, product, sitelinks and image to drastically improve your click-through rates, boost your conversion rate and decrease cost per acquisition.

Tweaking and Testing

Right after analytics and monitoring, our logical step is testing and tweaking the campaign whenever possible. Before, you just jump into the foray to outright implement everything after you’ve gathered required clues, I would recommend you to take a backseat and relax.

Test it out to ensure if it really works for you, because an online chocolate vendor might sell more during Christmas but a b2b business might not see any jump in his business.

Use split testing or A/B testing to check what works for you. Two different Ad copies with slight difference just made according to the captured intelligence in last step would do. I am sure, you will be surprised by the results.

Remember to keep a detailed record of every tweak, this will help you to understand what works for you and what not.

Creative Part

Ad copies for SEM are strategic in converting your traffic. If you’re not able to clearly convey your proposition or if you’re using keywords that do not match the purpose of your content or if you’re not able to entice traffic with suitable call-to-action then most probably you might have low conversion rate and higher bounce rate.

If you’re writing an SEM ad copy then remember, you’ve to be concise, creative, original, clear and be able to use call-to-actions at opportune time. Just research extensively you might get many ideas around.

Time Slot Strategy

Lastly, time slot strategy, this can make or break your campaign. Because, if you’re not present at right time on search engines then most probably you’ll lose huge quality traffic.

To start with, just think from the view point of customer – their buying life cycle and clickstream. You have to be present when they’re most likely to buy. The ideas collected here can be used again in your strategy and content.

Also keep a calendar to stay updated of the festivals, special days and others, and in addition, seasonal demand can also help you increase your sales.

I know this list is not exhaustive, and much can be explored in these areas itself. However, for a beginner these ideas will be highly usable and starting point.


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