5 Tips to Cure Your Email Addiction

I’ve been addicted to my email lately and decided to put myself through an email clinic. There’s nothing worse than looking at the clock and realizing its 11:15am and all you’ve done was check email!

Can you relate?

Here are five things i’ve done successfully as part of my ‘Email Clinic’:

1. Limit the amount of times you check email per day. I started checking my email 3 times per day. I start my day at usually around 7am & don’t check my email until about 9am. My next check in is midday, usually around 1:30, then the close of my business day.

Checking email all through the day is a total time suck.

Bonus Tip: If your email response requires a long drawn out response, it’s better to pick up the phone. I find with the virtual world we are in now, people aren’t talking to each other as much. I’ve started calling and doing google hangouts more with my contacts. It helps to complete things done quickly & get to the point.

2. Create a separate inbox for newsletters. I signed up for way too many newsletters, which I just didn’t have time to read. I created a [email protected] inbox and updated my subscriptions to the list that I still wanted information from. There were others that i just had to unsubscribe from.

I check this inbox and scan through the emails maybe once per week to see if anything peaks my interest.

3. Created folders and automatic filters. This tip alone almost cured my addiction!

I created folders to organize emails from clients, team members, accountability partners, coaches, for receipts & travel. I check the important folders such as clients & team 1st then go to the inbox.

4. Stop to urge to be ALWAYS connected. There’s really no need to have email on my laptop, phone & ipad. I removed email from ipad and a from the mail app on my iphone.

I added the Gmail app to my phone. However I removed the notification so when that lovely little red number increases I have no urge to see what the emails is.

Bonus Tip: When you’re not working with your email on the computer CLOSE it. Whether it’s gmail or another application. I’ve learned that not seeing that number increase or hearing the sound of another incoming email saves time. It’s a mental thing.

5. Fall in love with Boomerang. If you don’t know about this service you need to get on it today. Boomerang for gmail allow you to schedule emails to go out at a later time. Which helps my team schedule email reminders to clients. It also allows you to schedule emails to return to your inbox when you’re ready to read & and take action. Its FREE & amazing!

I don’t open anything that I am not going to take action on at that exact moment. With Boomerang I can now have the email come back into my inbox before a response is due or when I have time to dedicated to take action.

Click here for Boomerang for Gmail

Action Plan:

Start by taking time to implement 1 of these tips and see how much time it saves you! Then work your way through the list for full recovery.

With summer right around the corner I need to be focused on getting work done so I can sneak in some sun! I hope these tips help cure you of your email addiction as it has mine. I would love to hear what other tips you have implemented to cure your email addiction over on the blog.


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