5 Tips to Pick Out the Perfect Summer Camp

While you may not be ready to break out the swimsuits and sunscreen, it’s not too early to look for that perfect summer camp for your child. Whether it’s a day camp or a sleepover camp, spots get filled up quickly. There are camps that specialize in sports. There are also ones that are geared toward technology. Whatever the case it’s important to find the right one seeing that you’ll be entrusting counselors with your children. Before you choose blindly, check out these tips to pick out the perfect summer camp.

5 Tips to Pick Out the Perfect Summer Camp: Check Staffing & Experience

Just like in the classroom the child to adult ratio is important at summer camp. Ask how many children each counselor will be responsible for. Ask about their credentials. Ask what kind of background checks are done on the counselors. There are never too many questions when it comes to the people taking care of your children. Even if you have the slightest doubt, listen to your inner voice. A mother’s intuition is never wrong.

5 Tips to Pick Out the Perfect Summer Camp: Know What Medical Help is on Hand

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We all know kids can get hurt at anytime and anywhere. That’s why it’s important to know what kind of medical help is on site. A first aid kit can only do so much. Check to see who is CPR certified. Look into whether other people on site have other medical training.

5 Tips to Pick Out the Perfect Summer Camp: Get Your Kids Involved

You may have found the perfect camp. But, is your child interested too? If you’re going to put the money up, make sure your child likes the camp. If not, you’ll likely get calls from the counselor whether it’s a day camp or a sleepover camp. Do your research and let your kids be part of picking out the perfect summer camp.

5 Tips to Pick Out the Perfect Summer Camp: Make Sure Your Child is Sleepover Ready

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A sleepover at grandma’s house and a sleepover at a camp with strangers are two different things. While your child may enjoy sleepovers at a relative or friend’s house they may not be ready for a sleep away camp. Before making a commitment for the entire summer check to see if the camp has a trial period. This way you don’t get stuck with the bill if your child wants to come home. If you have any doubts, maybe this isn’t the perfect summer camp for your child this year. Wait a year or two and maybe your child will be more prepared.

5 Tips to Pick Out the Perfect Summer Camp: Consider Distance

If you’re going to be working all day you want to find a camp that’s nearby for all those “just in case” situations. Some camps offer bus service. Other ones rely on kids being dropped off. If this is the case you definitely need to find one that’s convenient for you. It’s also good to be close by in case your little camper gets sick.

Finding the perfect summer camp can get stressful. Do your homework. Remember it’s supposed to be fun for everyone involved!



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