Who Would Play You in your Life Movie?

Have you ever wondered who would play you in your life movie? I’ve always pictured Reese Witherspoon playing me, starring in the Million Dollar Party Girl Movie. From Elle Woods to June Carter, Reese is an Oscar winner who’s played fun, strong, smart women, AND she knows how to look classy on the red carpet. She’s my kind of girl! While we all wait for our life movie to be made, here’s five tips to playing a starring role in your biz.

Show Up On Set. Have you always been eager to show up, on time and ready to work, for your employers? When was the last time you showed up for your business? Most entrepreneurs I know have no problem building someone else’s dream, but hold back when it comes to their own. I frequently hear, “If I can’t make this business work, I’ll have to get a full time job.” Before you dedicate 40+ hours a week to someone else’s dream, do it for yourself, consistently, for a full year. I have a feeling you won’t be needing that day job.

Hire a Winning Team. Every star has a winning support team so they can focus on what they do best – Stardom! From stylists, to PR, to agents, an Oscar winner can’t get there alone. Neither can you. Your time is valuable; if you’re spending it on “task” activities, you’re losing money and customers. Focus your efforts on business building activities that will elevate you to “super stardom” and dump or delegate the rest.

Get an Entourage. Who you roll with is a key ingredient to your success. Your entourage is the people who influence you on a daily basis, and who create a perception about you and your business. Reach out to like-minded entrepreneurs and customers who play big and are dream builders like you. Social media and local networking groups are great places to start.

Be Ready for Your Close Up. Whether you’re presenting yourself in person or via your social media profiles, be ready for your “close up.” Smile, show up as your brand, and give an Oscar-winning performance. As the saying goes, you have only seconds to make a first impression. I never post, link or tweet about politics, religion or even illness. Did you know I fractured my knee last year? No. The world has enough pain, they don’t need to hear about mine. Choose to inspire, before you expire.

Practice Your Oscar Speech. “I’d like to thank the Academy, my fellow actors, and especially my husband….” Don’t wait for your Oscar moment to thank the people in your business who helped get you there. That includes your customers, family, sales team, networking friends, and even the person who cleans your house. A thank you can be a kind word, handwritten note, FB shout-out or small gift. It goes a long way in life. Timely Manner Consulting, who publishes my blog, recently sent me a thank you note that included a pack of post-it notes with a fun saying on them. Make people feel special, and your performance will always be memorable.

Lynn Bardowski, known as the Million Dollar Party Girl, is an award-winning entrepreneur, best selling author, national speaker and radio show host. For insights on entrepreneurship, leadership and vision, read her book, listen to her radio show and follow her blog posted at milliondollarpartygirl.com



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