5 Tips To Shop Mindfully

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As a stylist who shops for a living, it’s super important that I maintain a strict guideline for what’s purchase worthy. Whether I’m working within a commercial photo shoot budget, or complying to a private client’s wishes, it’s up to me to ensure that each and every item makes perfect sense to complete the vision (or closet).

And while shopping definitely has its moments of fun (exhilaration!),  it also can be a frustrating experience filled with defeat.
Ever had a cocktail party coming up, and just couldn’t find The Dress? Was it the chaos of the scene that got the best of your Saturday shop session. Or maybe the overheated, overcrowded dressing room clouded all channels of clear perception. The key to overriding a shopping frenzy, and making purchases that fit mind, body and soul is to stay mindful.

How To Shop And Be Mindful

1. Get grounded.  Move slowly.

Feel your feet as they walk through the store. Allow your fingers to touch the different textures of the fabrics hanging off the rack. Keep your awareness in your body (with your breath) as your eyes softly gaze at the merchandise in front of you. Listen to your body, and notice how it reacts to the different items. If something seems to call you towards it, then step in to investigate further.

2. Pay mind to the price.

This is pretty straight forward. Kind of like a shoe –either it fits or it doesn’t. Does this item fit into your budget?

3. Consider color.

Once you’ve deemed something worthwhile take a good look at its color. Will it flatter your skin tone? Don’t worry about making an exact Color Me Beautiful  kind of match. At this point in life, we all have a pretty good idea of what colors look good on us — if the piece you’re examining doesn’t fall into that palette…move on. If it could work, you’re ready for the next step.

4. Study silhouettes.

Each of us has a unique shape and certain styles will enhance our assets. I’m petite, so too much drapey fabric drowns me. If you’re curvy, then a nipped in waist will suit you well. Hold the item up to you, if there’s a mirror even better. Does this piece appeal to your body type?

5. Analyze fit.

Once you’ve made it to the dressing room, the real work begins. Remember to stay grounded. Keep your awareness in your body and with your breath. When you’ve got the garment on, notice how it sits on your skin. Too snug in the tummy? Too loose in the shoulders? If it looks right, then how does it fit your lifestyle? Is it too short so every time you bend down to pick up your kid the hemline creeps up too high on your thighs?
And lastly, how does the garment feel?  Is it your best expression from the inside out–fitting into the definition of your real style?

How do you stay mindful while shopping the stores?

 Elysha Lenkin is a stylist for the mind, body and soul– styling from the inside out to make you look and feel AWESOME. Learn more here: elyshalenkin.com

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