5 Useful Data Analyst Strategies For Better SEO Insights

Businesses all over the world use SEO data analytics to drive more traffic to their websites. By attracting more visitors, they close more deals and earn higher profits. Website development has already become much easier to execute, thanks to the proliferation of DevOps tools like those from JFrog. Building a digital home from scratch is no longer as much a hurdle as it used to be. However, optimizing that website is an entirely different ballgame.

Companies rely on marketing professionals like yourself to optimize their websites. You need to keep track of elements like search volume, uptime and domain authority all while sticking to a budget. Fortunately, you can accomplish all of your tasks and rank for more keywords with the top techniques. Whether you’re working with an SEO company or learning from the ground up, understanding how different techniques work is important. In this post, you will learn the best SEO data analyst strategies to discover useful insights.

Focus On Organic Search Traffic

Another SEO data analyst strategy worth implementing is to focus on organic search traffic. Many marketers assume that they should look at traffic as a whole. While it is good to know how much overall traffic you drive to your website each month, the results are sometimes inaccurate. Your total traffic can decline while your organic traffic continues to rise. By looking into your organic search leads, you gain insight into other areas of SEO data. These areas include the top landing pages, the best keywords and main exit pages. Since these factors provide quality insight into your overall search engine optimization, this is a must-use SEO data analysis strategy.

Track Most Successful Keywords

One of the most popular strategies for drawing better insights is to track your most successful keywords. Determine these keywords based on how many users searched for them and ended up on your website. If you work for an Italian restaurant, one of your most used keywords might be “pasta”. While this is a commonly used word, it has much more competition than a keyword like “linguine” because pasta is much more general. With this being said, do not neglect the more specific or longtail keywords that you have used for keywords. They likely give you higher search engine rankings, making them the most successful keywords. Identify such keywords and track them to draw better insights. 

Leverage Google’s Perspective

Many successful marketers gain Google’s perspective to optimize their SEO data tactics. If you see your website the same way that a major search engine like Google sees it, you can identify places that need improvement by following basic on site SEO practices. There are several online tools that allow you to identify pages that Googlebot cannot access. When you come across one of these pages, you can work to change the URL so that Googlebot can view the pages using proper indexing and robot.txt practices. In turn, your website’s potential to rank higher on Google increases substantially. Thus, this SEO data analyst strategy boosts site traffic very quickly.

Analyze Site Speed

Marketing professionals analyze site speed to improve their SEO data analysis as well. After all, a website’s loading time directly impacts consumers’ opinions. More so, it affects how many consumers continue to browse your site. When a consumer visits a website, they expect it to direct them to new pages instantly. This is particularly true for driving more traffic to an eCommerce website. If online shoppers find themselves waiting a couple minutes for your page to load, they will move onto one of your competitor’s sites to make a purchase. To avoid losing page views and sales, implement this SEO data analyst strategy.

Monitor Your Competitors

In addition to the above SEO data analyst tactics, monitor your competitors. By performing competitive analysis, you gain insight into where you stand in your market. Then, you can take necessary actions to improve your standing. For instance, you can find out that your main competitor outranks you by a long-shot on social media. In such a case, your results tell you that you need to focus on your social media profiles to boost website traffic. Look into the strategies that your profitable competitors use. If they include links to different products in each social media post, do the same. Then, you will improve your standing. Beat out your competition with this SEO data analyst technique.

Implement the top SEO data analyst strategies to drive more traffic to your website. Track your most successful keywords and use them in new posts to reach more consumers. Focus on organic traffic and recognize that your organic traffic could be rising even though your overall traffic is declining. Use online tools to view your website in the eyes of Google. Continuously analyze your site’s speed to meet the needs of consumers. Lastly, monitor your competitors and to determine what you should focus your marketing expertise on. Use these SEO data analyst strategies to draw better insights and increase your organic traffic.

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