5 Ways to Approach Fellow Fempreneurs For Partnerships



I love connecting with fabulous, brilliant women, for great partnerships. It has been one of the most exciting parts of growing a business. There is nothing more exhilarating, than a conversation with a woman that is as passionate about her work as you are about life.


I recently had a conversation with a woman, who blew me away, we had so much in common and I was excited to partner with her in a way that would benefit both of our businesses. The best part of building this partnership, however, has been the ability to understand what inspires my fellow Fempreneur. I love connecting and meeting women that love supporting Female Entrepreneurship as much as I do.


Like with everything in life, however, there are some do’s and donts that we should all be aware of, when approaching women that we would love to work with.


Do Your Research, Make sure that you take the time to know your potential partner.


If she has written a great book, take the time to actually read the book. Show her that you really are interested in her, what she cares about, and is passionate about. The last thing that you want to do, is to find yourself in the middle of a conversation about her work or background and find yourself unable to answer a question that you should know.


Taking the time to research your “dream” partner, show her that you are not simply interested in yourself and your needs, but that you are genuinely interested in connecting with her.


Be Genuine I love that word, and what it stands for, especially as it applies to business and the relationships that we build as women. It is one of the things that made me fall in love with the blogging community and has been the one thing that I continue to make the forefront of our community.


Harnessing the power of genuine interest, and support for your peers as a female entrepreneur will allow you to excel beyond your imagination.


Avoid reaching out to women you do not genuinely have an interest in, simply to gain something. The greatest partnerships are built on a solid foundation, and that foundation includes a vested interest in one another.


Put Their Needs First You have heard me say, when it comes to branding, it is not about you!


Same applies to your partnerships, especially not in the early stages, and certainly not if you are the one doing the approaching. Your needs will need to sit on the back-burner while you prove to your potential partner, that you are worth their time, and effort.


Offer your time and/or services, allow them to understand the value that you can bring to the partnership, it will make it difficult for them to turn you down if you bring value.




Do Not Copy/Paste Sample Pitch Letters There are plenty of them, and they can be a great inspiration, or a great starting point, but sending a sample letter from the internet will not get you an invitation to connect.


We all respond well to a personal approach, make your message personal.




Prepare an Irresistable Offer Answer all questions before hand by sitting down and reflecting on the value that you believe you can bring to the table.  Is it more exposure? In that case know your numbers, be prepared to answer all questions about your audience and why they would love to hear from your potential partner.




    • What do your clients really think about you?


    • Do you have testimonials from your community?


    • Are you prepared to clearly define your vision, goals, and the solutions that you are ready to offer?





Do you have great stories about your previous or current partnerships? Share them with us below, we love hearing about your journey as a kickass Female Entrepreneur!

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