5 ways to have a healthier Lifestyle

5 ways to have a healthier Lifestyle
Exercise is one of the effective ways to improve both your
Physical and mental health. Exercise is not just aerobic capacity and muscle size reduction. It keeps you energetic with refreshing mind. Everyone has a unique body, but maintaining your body perfect is difficult. The process of getting a healthy body takes a long time if it is slow Process you need to spend more money to lose weight and gain more muscle mass. Despite all these things daily exercise will surely keep your body fit and trim always.

Yoga is termed as capturing some light and reflecting it to the dark place in the world. Yoga is not for the person who sleeps well nor who doesn’t sleep at all it is in the middle state. When you do yoga not only your body gets fit even your mind gets peaceful so that you can lead a healthier lifestyle than before. If you know there is limitation in everything, then your life will be good enough. Yoga helps you in achieving real lasting happiness and to control one’s mind too. Yoga brings you inner peace and happiness.

Studies have found that laughing creates positive attitudes. These
Positive attitudes help you prevent from heart disease. Laughing a lot gives boost to your hormones. When a person starts to laugh the disease cells such as Gamma-interferon and T-cells are destroyed. Due to laughing memory, alertness, creativity and humor feeling starts to improve. These things will keep you happy and even fills your surrounding with happiness. Therefore, laughing helps you in leading a healthier Lifestyle.
Sunshine is the best way of having a healthier lifestyle. Sunshine supplies vitamin D that maintains your body health condition. It reduces type2 diabetics risk as sunshine has strength of killing virus. The solar UVB exposure reduce cancer virus and strength our bones by giving a boost to cancer. Even eyes cataract is also reduced. Early morning sunlight is the best source for staying good. You believe that vitamin D is integral for proper function of body’s T cells.

75% of earth is covered by water this is the most important fact you should stay hydrated that is you should drink lots of water for losing weight, keep your skin shining and to make your bone strong. Drinking more water keeps your heart healthy. It is recommended to intake eight glasses of water daily to stay healthy. If you lose more than 3% of water content you will become dehydrated if 10% of water content is lost means you will be dead. Even mild dehydration can slow down the metabolism for about 13%. A person can survive without food for even one month, but cannot survive without water for more than a week.


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