5 Ways to Take Your Career To The Next Level


Remember the enthusiasm you had when you first started out in your career. You were hungry for experience, eager to learn, and had big expectations for your future. By now you have several years of working experience under your belt, and feel very comfortable with where you’re at. Familiarity and routine feels nice, but opportunities will be missed and growth can’t occur there. Below are easy tips on how to keep pushing yourself to reach the next level in your career:

Take control of your goals 

If you’re not already doing so, physically or mentally start jotting down your short-term and long-term plans. Concentrate on what you want to accomplish day-to-day and draw up a detailed road map of where you want to go in years and how you will get there. Having a detailed plan will keep you on path of pursuing your goals.

Visualize the goal or reward

A clear image of the end product and what you want to achieve will reduce fear of failure and concerns of accomplishing the task. Many athletes visualize the finish line and how they will cross it before the race even starts.

Acknowledge progress

Sometimes you need to give yourself a performance review. Check-in monthly or quarterly to reevaluate your accomplishments, determine if your goals are still important to you, and your sacrifices are still worthwhile. Celebrate when significant milestones are reached and reward yourself. When you own your purpose, you start caring about the quality of your work.

Stay curious

Successful leaders are always reading and asking questions. They want to stay up-to-date with the latest news and information. They look to learn from other people and what works or doesn’t work. 

Have a strategy, but be prepared for setbacks

At some point you will face temporary setbacks in your career or life. When we look at other’s success, we often forget or don’t see what they had to endure to reach their targets. Before giving up, try telling yourself “just one more time”.

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