5 Ways to Rock Your Client Meetings

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Let’s face it: client meetings can be scary. You may not know what your client wants or how to prepare. They may be considering your competitors. Pressure is mounting and you’re getting anxious…

Never fear. Here are five ways to maximize your success and take the mystery out of client meetings.


In preparing for a client meeting, research is key. Take a look at the company’s website or their past work. What can you do for them? What is missing from their business strategy? Anticipate the client’s needs and find your niche. Preparation will save time and make you look credible.

Once you’ve figured out how you can help…


It’s important to be tactful when getting to know a new business partner, but coming in with an angle (and a point of view) will position you as someone who can improve the client’s business and allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and confidence.

Not sure what the client wants?


Knowing a client’s needs doesn’t have to be guesswork. Just ask. Asking thoughtful and specific questions will make you appear informed and engaged, while allowing you to hear what clients want in their own words.

Are the client’s needs outside your area of expertise?


Making a sale is not just about making a sale. Sticking to the task at hand might help you win today’s business, but to build a long-term partnership, you need to act like a partner.

Does your client need something you can’t provide? Why not open up your network and connect the client with someone who can. The client will be grateful and will want to work with you again. So will the contact you recommended.

Get involved in your client’s business any way you can (within reason). This will get you on the inside track and make future sales much easier.

After your meeting…


Sending a follow-up note is crucial. If the client is still considering whether to work with you, a well-timed message will keep you in the client’s mind and could put you over the edge. It also hints that you’re the kind of partner who takes projects seriously.

Even if you’ve made the sale, following-up serves an important purpose: it lets you create a clear record of what was discussed, and allows the client to clarify details after the fact. Following-up in a way that elicits a response is a great way to finalize (and record) expectations on both sides.

There you have it. Five ways to get the best results out of your client meetings. See? Not so scary after all.

About the Author: Rachel Scott has a diverse background in advertising, marketing and communications. Currently Rachel is the Marketing and Content Manager at Boost Agents. Boost Agents brings together growing, forward thinking organizations and qualified creative, marketing and communications professionals through their timely and ethical process to make the perfect cultural fit. Whether you are a candidate (job seeker) looking to boost your career and need someone to help take you to the next level, or a client looking to grow your team, they’re excited to be part of the process with you.



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