5 Ways to Stay Motivated When You Start Your Own Business

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Does this phrase sound familiar to you? “I don’t feel like working, why don’t I just… {insert the most appropriate diversion}.”

Whether you then decide to organize the closet, clean out your email inbox, or alphabetize your bookshelf, what we convince ourselves is a fair and productive trade-off is actually the enemy of accomplishment and counterproductive to maintaining an entrepreneurial business.

Why Diversions Are Bad for Business:

Left unchecked, little diversions side-swipe the best of us and redirect our attention away from getting our work done. Your ability to complete your business’ lengthy to-do list, often times solo, is a necessary condition for success, whether you’re just starting out or in the midst of growing your business.

Why are we tempted to engage in non-core work tasks throughout the day? The answer is simple: it is easier and less painful to allow ourselves to become distracted from what we set out to do, than to do the work itself. Work takes effort, focus and determination. It’s hard. Starting your own business can be thankless, it can persist for weeks or months without traction or recognition, and it can be downright unrewarding. In patience-testing scenarios like this, wouldn’t you rather do the laundry?

How to Stay Motivated When You Start a Business:

Learning to manage diversions with routine can be one of the most helpful tools you have. Establishing a daily routine of work helps to ensure diversions are kept to a minimum. Routine puts positive parameters around what seems like an endless series of tasks making your checklist less daunting. Try a few of these suggestions next time you are feeling distracted:

– See suggestions at:

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