5 Ways To Track Your Productivity Level During The Winter Blahs

I write for a living. I write in many genres, but, my passion and purpose comes alive when I’m offering my services to empower other women on their journey to living their truths by reawakening to their authentic selves. I’ve been a voice and activist in this platform for decades. Living authentically is a lifestyle choice but ,just because we make it our mission to walk in truth, that doesn’t mean we become immune to the harsh realities of life challenges. Trying to work at your full speed when winter winds thwarts your efforts by introducing you to g cold mornings and grey skies to lull you back to sleep and dare you to even attempt to produce anything, you give in and say”there’s always tomorrow.’ Soon, you’ll find that your ever winter waking day repeats itself , while your inbox lacks evidence that you’re even working to your full potential. To be fair, and not beat ourselves up when we’re not working full speed at our full potential; winter is famous to producing the holdrums and we become human clones of the bear like tendencies to just hibernate until the sun shines come out to beckon us back to working at our maximum potential.

There are ways to be productive even when it seems every one in your line of business slumbers because of old man winter. I have managed to write every day and keep my creative juices flowing. I have cranked out a few pieces for profit and managed to stay viable and connected to peers and long time clients. I have even added a few possibilities for opportunities in other areas of writing. Winter months are stressful for those of us in the business of doing business for ourselves, but, a sluggish season of growth and connection doesn’t have to stop us from creating and being productive. Here are five ways women can track and keep their productivity level up and their cash flow constant during the winter blahs.

1. Pay attention to your personal energy level- I find my that energy level is at its highest in early mornings. So, I’m up before 7am, sitting with my morning cup of java and warming up the old computer for a workout unil midday, when I feel I need to break for body rejuvenation and rest. Usually, I’m back at the computer after 1pm when I’m nourished and refreshed for another round. If I have calls to make, I usually schedule them for in between times of my working. When you recognize how your energy level affects your mood, you’ll be able to work around those procrastinating moments of “maybe later.”

2. Start small and end big- I find that by working on smaller projects, I’ve conditioned my subconscious to position itself in work mode and I’m more apt to connect with a bigger project on some level during the day, even if I don’t finish it at one setting. I let go of the ‘doing things at the last minute ‘ideal in 2013- out with the old, in with the new!

3. Connect with a colleague- doing this on some level has become a welcome occurrence for when I want to bounce ideas and share writing project woes or offer and recive honest feedback .It’s a good idea to have a person or two who is in the same business or similar and can relate and offer different perspectives on how to achieve goals and solutions. Oftentimes, shared venting becomes the mainstay, leaving you raring to tackle any obstacle.

4. Pitch other projects- Women empowerment is my passion, purpose and platform, but, creativity is my bread and butter and so I write poetry, short stories ( fiction & nonfiction) song lyrics and a few plays. I write and enter as many competitions in these genres as possible and have written and placed poetry on sites that are steadily increasing in sales for my paypal account. You have a platform, true, but, do not deny your gifts for creating outside of your business brand, which can help you stay afloat during a sluggish winter.

5. Spend quality time with your family and loved ones. Do not neglect the importance of love in this equation. Love truly does impact the happy endorphins in your entrepreneurial lifestyle. Your productivity soars when you know that what you do has the support of loving folks in your personal spaced. My people knows that family means the world to me. They also know that my advocacy for women will never cease. I’m ending this post and getting ready to enjoy time with family. My daughter can make some mean nachos. They’re bringing scary movies ( my fav) and I’ll get to hang out with my granddaughters and hug on my new great grand-baby girl:)

Old man winter got nothing on me! Happy New Year:)

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