5 Ways Your Website is Losing You Customers

If you’re running a small business, you know that marketing matters. You need to get your message out any way you can. You may turn to social media, or even paid search in order to attract new customers. But why spend so much time and money bringing people to your own website if it isn’t properly set up to entice the casual visitor to convert into a paying customer?

Many business, both large and small get their websites all wrong. There are many ways a website can go off track, but it usually has a lot to do with a failure to connect with your target audience: your customers.

In this infographic by The Deep End Web Design in Chicago, you will see five of the most common pitfalls that websites fall prey to, as well as a helpful tip for each that will get you started in correcting the problem.

So whether your business’ website suffers from a bad/outdated design, egocentric web copy, or an overall lack of goal planning, you can turn things around, and finally put your website to work for your business. That means getting more qualified leads, customers, and more money in the bank.

website losing customers infographic


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