5 Workout Tips to Help You Get Your Body Back After Baby

Having a baby is a great experience which comes with its setbacks. One of the consequences is the baby weight gained when pregnant.  Most new mothers have the desire to get rid of this baby weight so that they can get back to how their body looked like before. Below are five workout tips which you can use to get your body back.

Start as soon as possible

Although it is recommended that you wait for six weeks before you start on exercising, you can start with simple exercises as soon as you can after giving birth. This is if you do not have complications or the doctor has ordered you not to. You can consult with the doctor on the exercises you intend to take. In case you experience any discomfort, pain or you bleed while taking the exercises, then you should stop until you recover.

Do simple exercises at first

Exercises such as brisk walking and pelvic floor exercises are simple and can be started after birth. Too much exercise such as lifting weights that are heavy and jumping are not recommended especially the first few weeks after birth. This is because your muscles need time to recover from the pregnancy.

After about six weeks and with the green light from your doctor, you can start with more exercises that you are comfortable with and are not strenuous.

Set an exercise routine81

For the exercise to be fruitful, you should have a routine which you should stick to. You can set aside 15 to 20 minutes for exercise everyday which you can do when the baby is asleep. Your consistency is what will yield results for you to get your body back.

Be realistic about the weight loss

You should set weight loss goals that are easy to achieve. Be realistic about what you want to achieve. You may set goals such as the loss of one pound a week instead of setting a goal that is not achievable.

Exercises which can be done after six weeks

If the doctor gives you a go ahead after six weeks of giving birth, you can do the following exercises; lifting of dumbbells, remember to start with light weights, push ups, hip raises using a Swiss ball and squatting exercises. These will help you get in shape as well as get your body back.


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