6 Birthday Gift Ideas for the Hard-Working Woman

Maybe you’re dating one. Maybe you’re married to one. Or maybe you’re related to one. Whatever the case, the hard-working businesswoman in your life deserves something special on her birthday to show just how appreciated she is. Of course, not just anything will do. She didn’t become successful without first having high standards and an appreciation for the practical things in life.

With that in mind, we’ve assembled our best birthday gift ideas for the business-centric woman.

  1. A new ThinkPad laptop. We figured we’d get this one out of the way first, as it’s the most expensive and the least likely to be a real possibility for most. However, if you do have an extra $1200 to spring on that special business lady in your life, Lenovo’s ThinkPad line of laptops offers the best business computing machines money can buy. They’ve carried this reputation for a long time, and there’s little indication that this will change. Your hard-working woman would be the envy of the office if she were to tote one of those laptops around. We’re particular fans of the X1 Carbon.
  2. Business bag or tote. Speaking of toting things around the office, a quality leather business-style tote can serve a couple purposes for the business woman in your life. First, the leather will give the bag durability to survive the rigors of business travel. Second, the strong yet elegant look of a woman’s business tote will communicate both seriousness and style. Third, a well-organized business woman needs a well-designed bag with many compartments to keep her business materials well-organized and easy to access.
  3. Storage devices. PDFs, spreadsheets, RAW format photos: file sizes are getting bigger and bigger. And while cloud-based computing is up and coming, reliable implementation of it stills requires a data connection or Wi-Fi signal, both of which can’t always be depended upon. What are we driving at? Simply, a successful business woman needs to be able to back up and carry around files wherever she goes. This means she needs a compact portable hard drive, SD cards, or USB memory sticks. Usually, she’ll want to have at least one of each.
  4. Reading material. Being the hard-working business woman that she is, she’ll always be on the lookout for ways to up her game. One way to do this is to stay up-to-date on business news going on around the world. Subscriptions to Forbes and the Wall Street Journal offer a strong start in that direction. Beyond such periodicals, she might also want to read business-oriented books like the business classic like Think and Grow Rich. Guides on improving time management or workplace wellbeing will also go over well.
  5. A paper shredder. Yes, we know. We can see you smirking from here. Nothing says “I love you” like a paper shredder. Right? No, not so much. But the real issue is this: does she have one and does she need one? If she has an office, if she ever deals with hard copies of important documents of any kind, and if she ever does such work at home, then the answer is a resounding yes. No, it’s not exciting, but it is useful. So do a little snooping and find out if she could use a new paper shredder, whether in her office or at home.
  6. Flowers. Sending flowers to her office is a classic and easy way to make her day. She will proudly display them on her desk, and if you send a vase along with them, she can keep putting new flowers on her desk for months to come. And let’s be honest, the work place has all the silly politics of a high school classroom. There’s gossip, competition, nosiness, flirtations, and so on. With those flowers on her desk, the business woman in your life can make a statement to her coworkers without having to say a word.We understand that the hard-working business woman in your life isn’t always easy to shop for on her birthday. However, with the above list, we hope we’ve narrowed the options down a bit and made the process simpler for you.


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