6 Clever Steps You Should Take to Boost Your Personal Savings

Do you want to cut your expenses and save more in 2017?

Are you wondering how to take control of your money?

This is not rocket science you can start saving by making a few small changes.

Read the statement of Warren Buffet one of the greatest investors of all time,

“Don’t save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.”

In this article, you’ll find out 6 clever steps which will help you save more money and spend less. But you need to take action first!

1. Try to reduce the usage of credit cards

Is your credit card spending getting out of control?

We use plastic money (credit/debit card) easily without thinking and regret later while paying credit card bills. Credit cards encourage us to spend more.

A study by Dun & Bradstreet found that people spend 12-18% more when using credit cards instead of cash.

You should avoid using plastic money and start paying with cash to avoid overspending. Because cash is real money and a great way to stick to your budget.

2. Spend less on shopping

Did you ever buy some items which you didn’t really need?

We throw the money on unnecessary things. But why we do this – we think these things will make us happy.

Going to shopping, make a list of items and stick to it. Think what you already have before buying something.

You can also try a “no-spend weekend.”

Sheri Bridges, faculty director of the Center for Retail Innovation at Wake Forest University said, “Buy-one-get-one and other freebie offers almost always lead you to spend more than planned. On average, people spend 36% more if they get free shipping.”

3. Make a habit – “Pay yourself first”

Have you got your salary paycheck?

Make a habit – pay yourself first! Transfer money into your saving account first. Stick with this habit, you can postpone your expenses but not savings.

This simple habit will help you to boost your savings!

4. Pick right saving tools or apps

We live in digital world and apps made our life easier.

App and tools can make it more easy to save money. Mint.com will help you to track your spending. BillTracker allows you to keep all due dates of your bills.

This blog post of Lifehack is recommending a number of great apps that will help you to save lots of money.

5. Moving calculators to cut your moving expenses

Are you planning to relocate? Relocation needs a lot of preparation and some extra expenses.

Are you wondering how to cut your moving expenses?

Moving calculator can be your friend!

Moving calculator is a great way to tell you an estimate moving expenses. So it can help you to prepare financially and mentally.

Moving Calculators provide you a basic idea on how much you have to shed off in your relocation. Plan accordingly and try to make your relocation a hassle free, safe and trouble free.

6. Keep track of all your expenses

The only way to see where you’re spending your money is, track your expenses. Create your personal budget and follow this budget (this is the real challenge).

You can use apps or you can also keep a notebook to keep an eye on your expenses. It will give you an idea where you need to change.

Track your spending and it will change your life.

So you just need to follow some simple steps to save money and improve your life.

Do you want to share your favorite money-saving hacks? Or you have any queries. Please do drop in the comment section.


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