6 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

drive traffic to your websiteDrive traffic to your website – It is vital to increasing your leads, filling your sales pipeline, and eventually converting leads into sales. But before you can begin the sales process, you need to get prospects to your website. Here are a few tried and true ways to drive more traffic to your website and realize those higher lead and sales goals.

1. Blog

We usually take to the internet when we’re looking for information, so having a blog does wonders for your website’s traffic. Focus on posting relevant, timely content that your audience will find informative and useful. To streamline the process, use a blog management platform that has things like blog subscription, article scheduling, and blog analytics configured for you.

Still not convinced? Companies with active blogs secure 67% more leads than their counterparts who lack blogs (Source: Social Media B2B). Jump on that bandwagon!

2. Use Video

Video engages people in a way that written and static visual content cannot. They get to engage with your brand in multiple ways – seeing, hearing, and even “feeling” your message through the emotions and thoughts provoked by your video. How does this translate into increased website traffic? Posts accompanied by video pull in 3 times the number of inbound links than text-only posts (Source: SEOmoz). Not to mention, 85% of U.S. Internet users watch video online (Source: comScore).

3. Create Something Worth Sharing

The best way to get people to take notice is to craft something worth sharing. This means visually attractive, informative, and, if possible, humorous content that people find useful. When your content is worth sharing, your audience does half the work for you, spreading it all over the web and grabbing new eyes to come check out what you have to offer. Attract more website traffic by creating solid content.

4. Utilize Social Sharing and Social Media

Social media is invaluable for connecting with your audience. It allows you to talk to your customers, but more importantly it allows them to talk back. Foster dialogue through social sharing and social media. Your audience is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. – so shouldn’t you be? Plus, people love sharing. This sharing signals a stamp of approval and lets us know that ‘this is worth our time.’ Take advantage of your audience’s increased propensity to share information by being active on social media sites and enabling social sharing for all of your content, and by tacking on a link to your website. This will not only increase traffic to your website, but will also give your SEO a boost.

5. Utilize Calls to Action in PPC Ads and Landing Pages

The biggest mistake in sales: not asking for the sale. Similarly, you need to ask your prospects for something more. They can’t engage with you further if you don’t provide a next step. Utilize calls to action in your PPC ads and landing pages so that prospects have something to do: check out a free ebook (by providing your email), look at related content, etc.

6. Create Shareworthy Slideshare Presentations

Create slideshare presentations so good that others want to share. When you create rich, quality content that people share, it extends your reach online and drives prospects back to your website. It’s like casting a wider net to bring in a bigger catch. It also positions you as an expert in your field and gives SEO a leg up.

Harness the power of shareworthy content and timely information and watch your website traffic soar.


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