6 Easy Ways to Guarantee Your Blog Will Be a Success

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Some people have a little blog that makes 5-figures per month, whereas others have a huge blog that doesn’t make more than a hundred dollars. Why do some entrepreneurs have a lot more success than others? It’s because they stick to a set of unwritten rules.

If you follow them it’s guaranteed you’ll start making money at some point. Ignore them and you’ll have to cross your fingers for good luck. We’re going to discuss the crucial ones right now. You should implement them today and success will come your way.

1. Grow into Your Broad Domain Name

Everyone should use a broad domain name if they want to maximize their earnings potential, but you can’t start talking about everything straight away. Put on your trading cap and pretend you have an investment blog.

You might focus on CFD trading to build up a decent following. After a while you would move up to talking about forex in general. You wouldn’t talk about everything to do with investing until you were enormous.

2. Everything Is in the Long Tail

If you’ve learned anything about search optimization you’ll know what long tail keywords are. Try to think about why you’ll make money if you target them. The same principles apply when you’re running a website.

You’ll have to start putting out lots of content, which has to be a certain standard. You will make a large chuck of money off a few articles, but lots of your earnings will come through the long tail ones.

3. Mastering Traffic And Monetization

Forget about everyone who says you need to be everywhere when you’re starting out. You need to master one traffic channel until it’s bringing you visitors. You can test a few out to see which ones you enjoy.

The same thing applies to monetization methods. Don’t try to master paid ads if you’re in the middle of learning about email sales funnels. If you get each of these right you will have a full-time business.

4. The Problem Might Actually Be You

Roughly 9 out of 10 startups fail, so someone smart says you should build ten businesses. It means at least one of them will succeed. You should do the same thing except it will be under the same domain name.

Instead of building brand new businesses you might need to pivot a few times. If other people are making money in a large market the problem is you. Mix up the way you’re tackling things and stop starting from scratch all the time.

5. It Might Take You Years to Succeed

Do you have what it takes to stick things out for years? Obviously you’ll be hoping everything comes together sooner, but you might have to play the long game. Most people fail because they throw in the towel early.

Google will keep you in the sandbox for roughly half a year, so you’re looking at the one year point minimum. It might take another couple of years to find something that works, which can easily be done part-time.

6. Trying to Achieve Little Wins Daily

If you studied math in school you’ll know what the compound effect is. When you keep putting a little money away everyday it will accumulate into something massive. It’s the exact same way blogging works.

Keep trying to achieve little wins daily. Forget about the jobs that don’t push your business forwards. If you keep concentrating on them they’ll eventually help you reach your biggest goals.

Everything Sounds Pretty Easy Now

Can you tell where you went wrong in the past? Follow every single one of these tips and there is no way you can go wrong. If you have a suitable domain name you won’t need to start all over again.


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