6 Essential Tips for Working from Home

Tips for Working From Home


Working from home sounds like a dream come true for most people. Get a little extra sleep. Work in your PJs. No fighting rush hour. Make your own hours. No boss giving you the evil eye for reading blog posts at work. What’s there not to love?!

For all the upsides that come with working from home, there are a number of pitfalls are waiting to set you off course if you’re not careful. Here are some lessons I’ve learned over the last year of working from home:


    1. Set Your Alarm – Routine is everything when you work from home, and it all starts with waking up a reasonable hour. Plus, getting started on the day’s work earlier actually allows more flexibility throughout the day.
    1. Schedule Your Meals – I’m a snacker and if I didn’t plan when I was going to eat, I’d be snacking all day long. Not only does this lend itself to poor food choices, making several trips to the kitchen severely interrupts productivity.
    1. Leave the House – Plan to work outside of your house at least two times a week. Go work at the library or a coffee shop or co-work with a friend for an afternoon. Even if my other days include meetings or networking events out in the world, I still like a 2-hour break to work amongst other people.
    1. Get Dressed – I know, I know… working in yoga pants is awesome. But don’t discount the I’ve-got-my-sh*t-together feeling that comes with wearing a great outfit. Even just doing your hair and putting on a bit of make-up can make a world of difference. 
    1. Avoid Housework – How long does it take to throw in a load of laundry? 5 minutes. Run the dishwasher? 2 minutes. Pick up the living room? 10 minutes. And the list goes on and on. If you’re anything like me, once you start cleaning or doing housework, you notice all the other housework that needs to be done. It’s a snowball effect best to avoid.
    1. Set Boundaries – Working from home means that you can always be working. However, burn out is a real thing! It’s easy to get swept up working your every waking hour – there’s always something to do! Make sure you save time to just relax and do something other than work.


What are some of the lessons you’ve learned about working from home?

Alex Zamorski is a content marketing strategist and is the founder & CEO of Calamus Works, LLC. She’s really into finding new ways to share ideas and loves a great cup of coffee any time of the day. Hang out with her on Twitter. 

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