6 Great Working From Home Tips

Working from home sounds like a dream for anyone sick of the 9 to 5 grind. But that dream can turn into nightmare if you don’t do it the right way. Yes, there is a “right way” to work from home. You may be surprised, but sometimes working from home isn’t as easy as it sounds. Yes, there are still ways to make more than a decent amount of money, but you have to work at it just like any on-site job. Here are some working from home tips that will help turn your dream into reality.

Working from Home Tips: Have a Dedicated Work Space

In a traditional setting, you would have a desk or a designated space to do your work. You need to have the same thing at home. Whether you have an actual home office or just a special room, you need to have a space that you dedicate solely to your work.

Working from Home Tips: Weed Out Distraction

working from home tips
Weed Out Distractions!

What distracts you? Your phone? Social media? A basket of laundry? Whatever it is, you need to stay away from it if you want to be successful when working from home. This is one of the best working from home tips. Without it you might as well stay in the office. Although weeding out distraction sounds easy, you’d be surprised at how many other things compete for your attention at home. Be aware of them and put them aside until after your work day is over.

Working from Home Tips: Get Showered & Dressed

Just because you technically could work in your pajamas doesn’t mean you should. Get up and dressed as if you were going into the office. Maybe you can ditch the suit and heels for some jeans and sneakers, but at least put on actual clothes. When it comes to working from home tips, don’t be lazy about this one. If you dress the part, you’ll likely be more successful. Plus, you never know when you may get called for a video conference!

Working from Home Tips: Stay Out of the Kitchen


working from home tips
Stay Out of the Kitchen!

If you were in the office, would you be able to snack non-stop? No, you wouldn’t. So don’t do it at home. Not only is this distracting, it’s not good for the waistline. Limit snacks. Perhaps a “coffee break” and regular lunch will do the trick. No need to visit the fridge constantly!

Working from Home Tips: Don’t Forget Your Co-Workers

Working from home can be a bit isolating. Not having the daily interaction with co-workers may make you feel as if you’re not really part of the team. Be sure to check this off your list of working from home tips. Make the effort to stay in touch with co-workers. Maybe a weekly coffee date or lunch will make you feel more connected.

Working from Home Tips: Set Boundaries for Friends & Family

Just because you work from home doesn’t make you everyone’s errand runner. You need to set boundaries for family and friends. Helping out every now and again is fine. But you can’t let people think they can ask you for endless favors. They need to respect the fact that you’re working from home and you need to set boundaries. As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when deciding to work from home. Getting your boss to sign off on it is only the first battle. You need to find a plan and schedule that works best for you and your job. Once you do, you may find that working from home really is a dream come true.


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