6 Great YouTube Workout Videos When the Gym Won’t Cut It

When I can’t make it to the gym a YouTube workout videos are a great way to keep my strength up and burn a few calories. Sometimes I can’t deal with the hassle of the gym. Whether it’s a childcare issue, the weather, or if I’m on the road there are days where the gym isn’t an option. Also, I know I need some strength training even if I’m active in other ways. There are times when I’ve taken great vacations with lots of hiking or other physical activity but if I don’t try to do some core strengthening things can get really ugly down the line. Here are an array of reasonably short workout videos some just demo the moves and let me get inspiration on how to string a workout together while I watch or listen to something else. Other videos are ones I do right along with the instructor.

Great Youtube Workout Videos #1: 70 Moves To Burn More Fat

If I’m workout out at home I might actually want to catch up on The Americans or Jane the Virgin and string together enough moves to fill the 40-45 minute show. Although I could probably come up with enough planks, lunges and swats to fill that time, its better if I push myself and try moves that will also push my muscles in new and different ways.  This 5-minute video covers a ton (70 to be precise) of moves that will get your heart rate up. All you need to do is pick and choose which you’ll do and how many reps.

Great Youtube Workout Videos #2: Burn It Up

This HIIT workout from the gals at Tone It UP is a great combo of cardio and toning. It’s only 13 minutes and the production values are super slick; slick enough to make me forget I’m in a generic hotel room if I’m doing it while on the road. It works well if you have hand weights but is fine if you don’t too. I’m a big fan of the onscreen counter that helps me track when particularly painful moves are over.

Great Youtube Workout Videos #3: Yoga for Weightloss

This 20-minute workout moves quickly and but mindfully. Adrienne from Yoga Tone is encouraging and also very relatable. I like this workout in particular because it is quick but feels like I’m building strength and endurance.

Great Youtube Workout Videos #4: Total Ab Workout

In just 10 minutes you’ll get a great ab workout. This is one of my favorites for those trip where I’m active but not doing a ton of core work. Kelsey Lee from XHIT does the work along with you providing good tips for proper form and to prevent you from the little cheats that make things to easy.

Great Youtube Workout Videos #5: XHIT Sexy Back Workout

This is another great one to use while traveling. No weights just you on the floor trying to undo the damage sitting in front of a computer or on a long flight can do. It is also a good balance to the ab workout above.

Great Youtube Workout Videos #6: 100 Planks

I’m a big fan of planks to get a good core workout without having to do any situps or crunches. This Muscle and Mat workout runs through what feels like a gazillion plank variations with the help of a cat. I use it for a workout and also to get ideas for planks to do when I’m pulling together my own routine. The cat also provides some welcome comic relief.

Which are your favorite YouTube workouts? Add your suggestions in the comments section so we can all battle workout boredom together.


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