6 Must-Have Ingredients for a Great Hike

IMG_0763Going to a class or working out at a Gym can do great things for you but, being able to combine a workout with a great excursion outside can do wonderful things for your mind and body. Now that I have the ability to walk out my front door and find fantastic fall vistas with great ease I’ve come up with a short list of essentials that make for a great hike.

1. Fueling up ahead of time

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Fuel up! #eatclean #getoutside

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made is heading out on an aggressive hike thinking I would be okay skipping breakfast. Fueling up on something clean that will make you feel good is important so that you have the energy for an enjoyable excursion. Skipping is bad, but so is consuming something heavy that just sits like lead in your tummy. One of my favorite new breakfasts is LÄRABAR RENOLA. RENOLA is a grain-free, gluten-free mix of non-GMO fruits, nuts and seeds. I like to take the time to have it with milk or greek yogurt but it does come in single serve packages for an on the go kind of morning.

2. A great vista

Urban hikes can be interesting and exciting but, dodging a taxi rushing to make a fare doesn’t do quite as much for my sense of wellbeing. Picking a spot where you can get away and see a great view or pretty fall colors leaves me feeling restored both physically and mentally.

3. A great snack

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Pack A Snack! #eatclean #getoutside

Sometimes I go for a quick out and back type hike, other times I know its going to be a longer excursion. Truth be told there is a third type of hike where I go off trail and can get a bit turned around. Is good to bring along a cell phone (so long as you get cell service) and it is equally important to bring along a snack that will help keep you going particularly if your short hike becomes a long one with a wrong turn or two. My go to snack for hikes is a LÄRABAR (here’s a coupon). The bars are made from whole foods and each one contains no more than nine ingredients and at least ¼ cup of fruit or more. My favorite flavors are Peanut Butter Cookie, Apple Pie, and Cherry Pie.

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Take the right equipment! #eatclean #getoutside

4. The right equipment

Last summer I took a crazy hike up a ski slope with some friends. It was mid-summer and a gorgeous day; the three of us didn’t think much about our attire (running shoes), the route (the plan was to go up and down), food (so short why bother?) or any special equipment (for what?). HA! The trip up was fine aside from some huffing and puffing. One would think the trip down would be a breeze given that it is downhill which should be, by definition, easier. However, by this point we were pretty hungry (this was before I discovered the convenience of the LÄRABAR )and got a little sloppy. Perhaps it was this misjudgement that lead us to take a different trail down. Then the falling and sliding started. Although there wasn’IMG_0766t any snow we managed to slip, slide and fall all the way down. We were scraped, bruised and very hungry. The babysitter was starting to get concerned. So now my hikes require a good set of hiking shoes or boots, socks, an emergency snack, and (for up and down hikes) hiking sticks.

5. Great company

Take along some great company! #eatclean #getoutside

A solo hike can be great but adding a great companion like the ones in these photos will turn your hike into an adventure. If you pack some snacks it can turn into a picnic too!

Let’s all round up the right ingredients and celebrate National Take a Hike Day on November 17 and get outside!

What ingredients do you suggest for a great hike?


Thanks to LÄRABAR for sponsoring this post. 





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