6 Online Gigs to Supplement Your Income

If you’re looking to boos your monthly income, you’ve come to the right place. The internet offers a myriad of opportunities to choose from, and you can start earning extra income as soon as today. Here are six online gigs to supplement your income no matter where you’re at in the world.

1. Freelance Writing/Editing

Freelance writing and editing offer flexibility in terms of hours worked, who your clients are, and how much you make. You’ll essentially get to choose all three of these things; making freelancing very flexible and easy to get started with.

Freelancing in writing or editing does require some knowledge of the language you’re writing in, and many companies actually prefer writers with experience. You can start with smaller gigs for low-profile companies, doing copywriting or editing, and move up to bigger projects from there.

It’s a good idea to learn some SEO skills if you’re looking to become a copywriter, and search engine optimization is in high demand for websites all over the world. Alternatively, you could start your own blog and start writing there. This will give potential clients an idea of how you write and edit, and what your passions are.

2. Survey Taking

Survey taking is a legitimate way of earning extra money online. In fact, survey sites like Survey Junkie have paid out thousands (and in some cases, millions) to their users over the course of their lifetime. The surveys you take will help influence big-name brands in their decision making, so you’ll also be participating in important research that will help shape the future of retail products.

Survey sites usually require you to take surveys for points, which add up until you can cash them out for cash or gift cards. Some surveys are worth more than others, and some of these sites even offer extra activities, like watching videos for generating even more points.

The Survey Junkie reviews don’t lie; the platform is one of the most trusted and widely used on the web. With thousands of users, a reliable payout system, and plenty of high-profile clients using the data you’ll provide, Survey Junkie is your go-to survey site of 2019.

3. Data Entry

There are plenty of companies looking for people to perform simple data entry online for their databases. This will including typing forms, entering customer information into the database, and more. Be careful not to fall into the trap of performing data entry for pennies on the dollar; you shouldn’t be making only a few dollars an hour for this service.

Some companies will try to pay as little as possible for this important task, so it can be easy to get sucked into a bad contract with a company that doesn’t pay fairly. Always ask the company’s pricing structure before you begin data entry.

As long as you find a good company that pays a decent wage, you’ll be able to make easy money right from home. Data entry is tedious, but overall, it’s not a difficult job to do and is perfect for those looking to supplement their income.

4. Customer Service

Remote customer service representatives perform the same tasks as in-store clerks (minus the cashing-out part). You’ll answer questions about the brand, the company itself, and help customers feel more confident in the brand and its products.

Customer service is a crucial component of any successful business, and without a good customer service team behind it, a brand can sink relatively fast. You’ll be content knowing you’re helping customers get what they’re looking for and their questions answered while making money from the comfort of your home.

5. Tutoring

Online tutoring has become a popular method for many people to supplement their income. With the possibility to make upwards of $50/hour, online tutoring is truly a lucrative business. There are plenty of platforms available as well to help you find clients quickly and get started as soon as possible.

Sites like Tutorme.com offer a secure platform on which tutors and students can meet and conduct their business remotely. You can tutor anyone in just about any subject from anywhere in the world. With over 300 subjects to choose from, TutorMe has something for everyone; no matter what your expertise is. Try it out today and get started earning extra income helping students improve their skills!

6. Graphic Design

Graphic designers are in high demand for websites, software programs, apps, logos, and more. If you’ve got an affinity for graphic design and want to supplement your income, try platforms like FlexJobs to help you locate part-time work. Graphic designers can make a decent living with their craft even only working part-time, so if you’ve got design skills, this is a good option for you.

You could also opt for freelance design in place of working for a company. This will allow for greater flexibility in terms of salary and hours worked. This is a perfect option for someone who already has a 9-5 and only wants to take on a few extra projects per month.


Supplementing your income is easy with so many opportunities available on the web. The internet is your best resource for finding side gigs, and with such a wide variety of niches available, you’ll be able to find a gig in any industry you’ve got experience in. Try one of our six gigs today and start generating weekly income as early as today!