6 Social Media Platforms Best For Your Online Business

Social media marketing has become a huge part of the online business. Customer targeting, engaging and reaching have become significantly easier for businesses. There are so many social media platforms that a businesses’ decision for online marketing goes beyond whether to use the platforms but deciding the right one to use for the highest ROI. From Facebook to Twitter, here are six of the best social media platforms that offer the exposure, engagement and high ROI.


Facebook has more than 1 billion users, thus, the biggest social media reach for your business is Facebook. Total number of Facebook users provide an extraordinary medium for businesses around the world. Facebook marketing ad is target specific hence it helps businesses to project their marketing and advertising properly. A Facebook page can also be used as a forum page for customers to connect with the business.


Twitter is arguably the second most popular social media websites for businesses. It provides a special platform to engage followers, promote businesses, and follow latest trends. Ideal follower engagement can help brands have a better connection with customers. Hashtags help build momentums for posts which can help your business jump on trending topics.


This is a photo sharing app has more than 500 million users with more 59% of the users checking the app daily. This great reach should not be missed by businesses as pictures and videos about the businesses can be posted on the app to create engaging contents. Although converting followers on the app requires a strong strategy, the social media website stills serve as a tool for building brands using beautiful images and videos.


YouTube requires a lot of work to make it succeed, but with the right target audience, the business can enjoy a strong social media presence. There are several approaches to creating visual contents on YouTube including instructional tutorials and fun videos. Most importantly is to align the brand with the customers’ expectations.


It mostly populated by professionals between the age of 30 to 64. It is best for businesses who want to attract job seekers and post company related contents that encourage people to follow the business. Hence, from a business angle where people want to know about the culture and news about the company, LinkedIn is perfect. LinkedIn company pages help businesses post company culture, news and job opportunities that help project the right image.


Pinterest is the most appealing social media network to women, so, if your business is female-focused, a wide demographic of women can be reached on this platform. Businesses that deal in fashion, arts, food and home décor with beautiful images can drive targets to the business through this website.


There are several social media apps that businesses can use to engage the target audience to increase the customer base but the compatibility of a social media website depends on the business brand and applying the best social media practices for business.


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