6 Spring Cleaning Steps to Make Your Business Blossom!

Spring is in full swing, and businesses are bustling with the anticipation of new ventures!  Around every corner it seems new hires are being trained by recently promoted managers.  In the spirit of spring we bring you six spring cleaning suggestions to make your business blossom!

  1. Snip the dead heads. You don’t have to be a master gardener to know that cutting out the old, lifeless pieces leaves room for new growth.  Apply this to your business, in all aspects.  Externally, google your business name.  What pops up?  Are there business profiles out there about your company that have been left unattended or were created without your knowledge?  Take care of them!  Whether it’s getting the listing removed or claiming it, make sure the information out there about you and your business is current, accurate and relevant.
  2. Wash the windows. If potential clients looked in your business’ windows, what would they see? What do you want them to see?  You want them to see a thriving and productive office, one that’s putting the best foot forward and working for them.  Take a look at your employees and make sure they’re happy, productive and engaged in your business.  If that’s not the case, think about what you can do to change this.  Talk to your employees, find out what the problems are and how they can be fixed.
  3. Update the upholstery. Do you find yourself wearing a “uniform” without even realizing?  Maybe you’re a black slacks and white blouse kind of woman or maybe it’s your favorite drab dress in five different colors.  Whatever the case, it’s time to update.  Whether we want to admit it or not, women in the workplace notice fashion and certain ensembles convey specific messages.  Take time to assess if your wardrobe, and that of your employees, accurately conveys the professionalism you want your business to portray. 
  4. From clean house to greenhouse. Evaluate the materials being used throughout your office.  Paper, pens, staplers, brochures, promotional materials- what could you get rid off?  Hopefully you are already tracking the effectiveness of your materials internally and externally so it’s easier for you to gauge what is truly valuable.  Try implementing at least one new cost cutting method when it comes to operations, maybe recycling your print paper for internal operations.
  5. Check the forecast. As any farmer knows, checking the coming weather is crucial to planting the seed.  Just as the farmer, you, as a business owner must look ahead to coming trends and stay in front of them.  Launching a campaign, putting on an event or updating your business image are just a few things that require exceptional planning, and looking at the forecast can help you execute at just the right moment!
  6. Enjoy yourself! After working hard to build your business and keep it thriving make sure to take time for yourself.  Take a vacation, read a book or go for a massage.  Whatever you need to relax, do it.  Cleaning up your business can be a challenge, but in the long run it’ll be worth it.


How do you plan on cleaning up your business this spring?  What new and great things are on the horizon for you and your employees?  Have you ever tried any of the above suggestions?  Maybe it’s time to clean house! Tweet me @WBDC your thoughts!

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