6 Steps to ensure your vision board isn’t a failure



Picture this…..the stroke of midnight is about to chime, you and your friends quickly run through the resolutions made from the previous year, acknowledging those you didn’t achieve and then setting out to make new ones (that probably won’t achieve either!). Feels a bit like ground hog day! It’s time to stop the repetition and make your visions a reality. No more failures. You can turn this around. Here are some tips on how you can do this.



Identify what items you have achieved and pat yourself on the back. See you did complete some items, and you most likely forget they were on your vision board.


Identify what items can be completed by year-end, or just after. Give yourself a push to make them happen. Grab an accountability partner to encourage each other to succeed by your deadlines.


Identify what items are the long shots, achievable but not by midnight on New Years. Why are these long shots? Do you need to break them down into smaller items to be achievable? Or, perhaps they a bit extreme or borderline ridiculous? Of course not, nothing is ridiculous, and everything can be achievable. You may just have to adjust your timeline slightly.   It’s time to be realistic on those visions and break them down to achievable steps.


Identify the items that were added ‘just because’. What is their significance to you and your goals? If there is no real significance and you just added it for the sake of adding. Cross them off.


Identify what items are left. What are the higher priorities or more desired? What steps need to be taken to achieve them? Are they doable by new years? If not, then re-evaluate the timeframe. However, before you move to the next item, write out the step/actions that need completed to make this item a triumph. (Your vision board is looking more achievable isn’t it, and remember it’s never too late.)


Now you know what you have achieved, what you didn’t need to achieve and what you really want to achieve. Set up the next years vision board with not only the vision but with a strategy on how you’d like to make these your triumphs.

You can do it.


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