6 Tips for Finding the Best Project Management App

Find roadblocks in your workflow

There are hundreds of project management apps out there, all boasting the ability to fix a problem associated with running a business. If you google it you will find countless blogs reviewing different apps, with conclusions on what’s great, and what’s good.

A lot of apps will focus on a different aspect of project management/time-tracking, and do it well, but may lack key functions in another area which you deem important to your business, making it tricky to move to the cloud/switch to another app.

So, how do you find the best project app for your business?

1- Ascertain what roadblocks you want a project management/task tracking app to overcome.

We all have things in the workplace we wish were better, ran smoother, and were easier. Sit down for an hour, by yourself, or with your team, and map out your business.

Discussing workflows with everyone will unearth roadblocks, or difficulties that are making people less productive than they could be.
Make note of these issues, prioritise them, and add any others “…It would be awesome if…” thoughts you have to a wish list.

2- Make a list of apps you’re already using.

If having a complete, seamless cloud-based solution is a priority, then make a list of everything you’re using now. Finding an app that can talk to other software you’re already invested in can cut down on double handling data (ie: invoices), and make a transition less painful.

3- Decide on how complex you want the app to be.

Do you want an app to help you manage your projects better? Or do you want to move from what you’re currently using because it’s just not powerful enough for your business processes?
Keep in mind the type of app you’re looking for. The last thing you want to do is commit to trying something only to find it’s too complex/not as involved as you want it to be.

4- Research Research Research

Now you’re armed with what you want, It’s time to do some research. There are many different sites like Getapp, and Cloudlist, where you will find all kinds of apps to try.

Tech sites like MashableTech CrunchTech Republic and even Lifehacker regularly list/ feature great apps and what they do.

Don’t forget to ask your peers. What’s better than a verbal recommendation?

5- Test Drive – THOROUGHLY

Spend time with the new app, invite your colleagues and get their opinions as well (to ensure they will use it willingly!) Use it for the whole trial period to manage a small project, and use all its features before making a decision. Go through your business workflow within the app, assess whether it overcomes those roadblocks (you noted back at Tip 1) and if it fits nicely with your workflow.

6- Contact Support for help

Chances are, the apps you test may not fit exactly into every single need/want you have for your business. Check to see if they have a public Roadmap. The feature you’re craving might be in the works right now.

If one ticks all the boxes, but doesn’t integrate with another app you need, look at a 3rd party like Zapier to bridge the gap.

Make sure you befriend the app you’re trying, read/subscribe to their blog, and check out their support documentation.
They may have articles of how you can use certain features in different ways to get what you need. It will also give you an idea about what kind of human support they’ll provide. Entrusting your business to a company who isn’t there when you need them is sometimes risky – weigh up what that means for you and your team.

Have we missed anything? Tell us below what you use and why.

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