6 Tips to Manage School Stress

Homework. Tests. Projects. Anxiety. Back to school time is also a stressful time for students. Between standardized tests and common core standards, expectations for kids are higher than ever before. If you think don’t feel it, think again. Even at the youngest age, school stress is real. Chances are if your kids are dealing with school stress, you’re dealing with stress too. Before you pull your hair out, there are some things you can do to keep that stress in check for both you and your children.

Tips to Manage School Stress #1: Don’t Overschedule Your Kids

Whether you’re the planner or your teenage kids are planning their own activities and extracurriculars, don’t overschedule. Kids don’t need to do all sports every season. They don’t need to do every after-school activity. Teach them to pick and choose. This way they won’t be trying to cram school work in with an overbooked schedule.

Tips to Manage School Stress #2: Get Enough Sleep

school stress
Make sure your kids get enough sleep

The root of a lot of school stress may be not getting enough sleep. When you and your kids are tired, you feel like you can’t do anything. There is a lot of anxiety that builds up. It is an awful feeling. Be sure to set a bedtime routine and make sure your child sleeps enough hours a night. If he is constantly waking up tired it may be time to change the routine.

Tips to Manage School Stress #3: Don’t Be a Pushy Parent

We all want our kids to be successful. But, sometimes, we put too much stress on our kids to be the best. It’s okay to encourage them, but there comes a point when we have to step back. Don’t yell if your child doesn’t get an “A”. As long as you know he tried, that’s okay. A lot of school stress builds because many kids don’t think they are living up to their parents’ expectations.

Tips to Manage School Stress #4: Laugh with Your Kids

school stress
Laugh away stress!

It may sound silly, but be sure your kids are laughing. Laughing has been known to ease stress. Maybe this means watching a funny TV show together. Maybe you have a few good jokes up your sleeve. Whatever it is, laughter will help combat stress.

Tips to Manage School Stress #5: Play Music

Just like laughter, music is also known to lower stress, even school stress. When your kids get home from school, put on some music. Dance around a bit. Take a time out to enjoy each other and some music. You and your kids will feel better.

Tips to Manage School Stress #6: Be Active Minus Technology

These days kids spend so much time with technology. Between phones, iPads, and computers, they are connected at such a young age. Encourage your kids to get outside if they’re stressed. Exercise and fresh air also have known benefits when dealing with stress. This will also be a plus for you and your stress level if you’re out there with them.

Stress and school don’t have to be BFFs of you don’t let them. The best way to help your kids deal with school stress is to be a role model. If they see you are stress-free, it will be a lot easier for them to be too.




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