6 Tools to Help You Train Your Employees Better


A good-quality workforce is crucial to the long-term success of your business. But such a workforce is not built in a day, and it is certainly not built on its own. To keep your employees competitive and in alignment with your organizational goals you need to train them efficiently, and often periodically.

The best training is a mix of technical and non-technical methods, a blend of old and new, all smartly tailored to the specific needs of your workforce. Professionals do a wonderful job at this. But small organisations typically can’t hire professional trainers to meet their training requirements due to monetary constraints.

You are in luck, however, since there are a number of very good training solutions available in the market to help you build a competent workforce. Here are five of them. You might want to give their free versions a try and settle on the one best suited to your needs.


Kaizen offers a number of software solutions for business needs. Its training software, known as Training Manger, is an elegantly simple and efficient program that keeps you effortlessly in command of all your training responsibilities.

You can create databases delineating employee training needs and how they should be met. You bring in one place all the employee records so that you can isolate the ones specific to the training purposes. You can also create, edit, and update employee training status and records.

This intuitive and easy-to-use tool eliminates the need to tackle long Excel spreadsheets and the feature letting you share records and files with your colleagues across your company makes it a nice centralized reference and discussion platform for everything training-related.

Creating employee training compliance reports is a breeze with Kaizen, as is tracking training costs, and importing and exporting data in various formats.


Training management software does not get any comprehensive (or tailored) than this. This software is suited for those who run training businesses of their own, but is equally useful for organisations that have their own training centers and need help executing and tracking their training tasks with efficiency.

The clean and intuitive interface of Administrate makes it super easy to manage training-related admin work. It comes prepopulated with samples to get you started but allows you to customize it to your own needs. Event management, customer relationship management, as well as keeping a track of your sales and calendar is easy and hassle-free.

The software allows you to collaborate with others in your team and create, edit, and share files that can be accessed by your team members. You can also create e-learning courses for your team, accessible from anywhere.

On top of these features, the company provides excellent and prompt customer support as well as a vibrant online community to keep your team up to date.


Visier has been referred to as the new force in workforce analytics. It does a lot more than train people; it helps you identify your workforce needs to find the best people you can to gain the competitive advantage you desire.

Pertinent to this post though, Visier lets you optimize your human resources by spotting the best talent and matching it to the right roles. It helps you identify those with the potential for leadership and train/groom them accordingly. Understanding the current skillsets and talents of your workforce is crucial to determining how to optimize them. Visier gives you fact-based insights into the matter helping you with talent and performance management. Armed with this information you can analyze the needs of your workforce and train them to bring their skills in alignment with your strategic goals.


A simple but very effective program, Articulate is the go-to e-learning authoring tool for thousands of businesses. It is customizable to individual business needs and gives you a very well-designed platform to create your own courses or learning solutions to train your employees. Apart from being flexible, the software is also powerful and easy to use.

The company provides its users with a vibrant online community to learn from and share their best practices with each other. As a trainer or a manager of a team wouldn’t you love to hear how others like you are handling their challenges? Customer support is quick and efficient, further saving you time and keeping you on track with your training goals and deadlines.


If you have ever struggled with pin-pointing the exact training needs of your employees, this nifty web-based tool can deliver you from your problems.

MyKnowledgeMap is a “fully customizable online capacity management system” that is also very user-friendly. It lets you conduct quick surveys, tests, and assessments to determine the competencies and training needs of your staff.

The self-assessment tool in this software lets you review your own skills as well.

Based on the feedback you can chart out areas of improvement for your employees and devise more relevant training solutions for them.

It also lets you monitor the progress of your employees, take into account updated skills, match skills to roles better, and create groups based on complementary competencies. Who knows, it may even bring to fore previously undiscovered talents in your team!


This cloud-powered, mobile-friendly e-learning tool is as easy to use as it is pleasing to the eye.

You can create new courses and projects in a matter of minutes. The content is interactive and of a high quality and presents a number of customizable options. The user-friendly layout and the sheer ease of the tool save you a lot of time and headache. That improves your productivity as well as the output. Particularly useful if you travel a lot and have tight deadlines to meet as you can create, tweak, and edit your training programs via your mobile device, and retrieve the material from the cloud regardless of your location.

You can try Elucidat free for 20 days to check how much the tool helps you with your day-to-day workload.


There are many innovative and imaginative training solutions available in the market. If anything, you face a problem of plenty. We have presented here some of the most reliable training and management tools with proven track records. Businesses just like you are using these across the world. You must take advantage of the ridiculously good technology that we are fortunate to have access to, and lessen your workload, improve your performance, and get the best training results you can.

Image credit: U. S. Navy (used under CC license)

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