6 Urgent Ways to Save Your Blog from Dying


Are you still maintaining your blog?

Are you still enjoying it?

It has been months since you built this site and yet it seems that your blog is not about to boom its way to the top. And what is even worse is that, it looks like it is dying.

Your traffic is going down.

Your last post was 2 months ago.

And you are not so fond with the idea of your blog anymore.

Those are the common signs that your blog is about to draw its last breath. And you might think that it is nothing, but those are the reasons why blog sites go offline for good.

If you value your craft and your blog, now is the right time that you should take actions.

Here are the things that you could do to save your blog from finally going to the abyss of oblivion.

Stop being inconsistent

Remember the time when your blog went live?

You have so much to say and so much to share in you that you almost could not wait for another day to pass by to start writing again and post it in your site.

You were so full of life that you imagine after a year or two, everybody would know about your blog. And traffic will be overwhelming you would have expanded your craft all over the internet.

And now, you hardly write anything.

Where did that passion go?

I assume you already know what I am trying to say.

Yes, sit down again and start writing. And this time, set a strict schedule for your writing activity. Remind yourself of those plans again. Follow your schedule and do not ever attempt to stray from it.

Know this: Discipline will get you places.

Encourage commenting

Make it a habit to always encourage commenting every time you conclude your article.

Just leave a simple “Please leave a comment if you have more ideas to share”. Anything goes. Just make it casual and make it sound like you want them to respond to something like a call to action.

Value interaction

Keep in mind that your blog is like a forum. You are the one who starts a topic and you should expect that everyone will have a say about it.

And when they do have something to say, please do respond accordingly.

Every visitor you get is something to be grateful about. And it is more gratifying if they relate to your post and make a respond.

Show your appreciation by replying to their comments. It does not have to be long and wordy. Just the answer that they are looking for will do fine.

Do this and they will feel familiar and at home with your blog. They will remember you better than just a site with an article. Keep a friendly tone and they will keep coming back to your blog.

Collect emails

Another thing to keep your visitors to come back to your site is by collecting their emails.

We all know that email is still the backbone for basic communication within professional circles. Even for personal use, email is still something we use as a means to contact us aside from mobile numbers and private messaging apps.

You can gather your visitors’ emails by offering them free articles in PDF with valuable content. And whenever you have new content live in your blog, you can use those emails to inform them using email blast. And even a way to sell them something which will add revenue to your site.

Treat your blog as a job

When you treat your blog as just a hobby, you do not give it enough value that it deserves.

In this business (yes, blogging is also a business), if you want to make a name for your site and drive thousands and even millions of traffic and gain some revenues, you do not manage it when you are just feeling good about it.

Blogging needs a constant attention. And trust me; you will thank yourself for being consistent in the long run. That is because aside from your regular job income, your blogging can also be a source of money for you.

Be in love with your topics

If you are not passionate about what you are talking about, it will show on your writing. Every word that you use will portray the enthusiasm or dullness in your craft.

It is a must that you choose the niche or topic that you write about. Quality is only as good as your willingness to express it.

If you want your readers to believe you, choose only the subject that also interests you. The subject that you have knowledge about is always your best bet of being true to yourself.

Remember that as bloggers, our readers expect us to be experts in our field. Whatever we are talking about, they assume that we know it by heart. So share them the things that made you an authority in this subject.

And do not settle for what you only know now. Expand and teach yourself by continue studying about the current and timeless knowledge available online and around you as much as you can.

If you can do these things for your blog, then I suppose it is safe to say that there might still be hope to keep it live. That is if you still value your site and the time and effort you have invested in it.

The fact that you are here and made it this far reading this article, then you are probably considering saving your blog.

If you have more ideas to add please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box so we could talk about it.


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