6 Valuable Tips to Keeping You and Your Desk Organized



Although you may not realize it, your desk says a lot about you and how you work. It’s extremely important to maintain an organized space – and not just the surfaces, but also your drawers and cabinets. Sure, we all get busy and items get piled up, even for this NYC Professional Organizer. But, working your way out from under those piles is essential to keeping your office image intact and working efficiently.

Here are some valuable office organization tips and ideas from our NYC Professional Organizer on keeping your desk clear, and portraying a positive image around the office:

    • Contain it, don’t cram it! If you have pens, pencils, and highlighters strewn about and shoved into one small pen holder, conquer and divide – get two or three containers and assign specific items to each; pens in one, highlighters in another, etc. That way when you’re in need, the required tool is always accessible.
    • Keep the paper flowing. Designate specific In, Out, and To-File trays. This will ensure your desk is clear of papers, and allows you to organize documents and the mail as soon as they cross your desk.
    • Post-It pit falls. Avoid “decorating” your desk, computer and surrounding workspace with post-it note reminders. Sure, these colorful little gems can come in handy, but the more of them you have throughout your workspace, the less likely you’ll be able to see the “trees from the forest” and actually see an important note at the right time. Restrict the use to really important reminders and add the info directly to your to-do list, calendar, or in your phone.
    • Business card chaos. Collect all of the business cards that have yet to be entered into your contact management program into one folder and schedule 15 minutes each week to quickly enter the information. Random cards left on your desk or in drawers can get mixed with other papers and misplaced.
    • Progressive papers… Eliminate the piles of paper on your desk by creating action file folders for specific projects and frequently occurring tasks. Place the relevant paperwork in the appropriate folder upon receipt.
    • Personal vs. Personality. Limit the number of personal items and mementos to your favorite two or three. You can periodically rotate them, but try to restrict the number so you’re not cluttering up valuable workspace on your desk. Be sure to share the best of your personality without getting too personal.


Take some time over the next few weeks to systematically tackle each of these office organization tips and ideas shared by our NYC Professional Organizer. By working on one at a time, you won’t feel overwhelmed, and before long, your desk will be transformed! In order to maintain your organized space, schedule time periodically to re-assess and re-organize so that you may continue working at optimal efficiency.

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