6 Ways Women are Strong



“Strength” can mean many things in the same way “health” can, and for women today it’s important to strike a balance. You can have a strong relationship, but focusing too much on it will make your other relationships suffer from neglect. You can have a strong spiritual life, but with too much dedication other aspects of your life will start to wither. Strength is only a good thing when it’s well distributed, and with women wanting it all and being asked to “lean in”, is your strength starting to weaken?

Consider this: You go to your local physical therapy clinic to increase flexibility and endurance, and improve your health. However, you know that all cardio, all lifting, or no rest days aren’t a good idea. There comes a time when pursuing a certain type of strength is counterproductive. Here are a few ways women today are strong, and how they can avoid burnout:

1. Mental strength

It takes a lot of mental gumption to be able to have a career and a personal life. In an era when feminism is still a necessity and women still don’t earn as much as men, it takes more mental strengths at times to be a woman. Make sure you practice mental workout with tips from The Huffington Post as well as physical workouts for balance. Otherwise, stress can eat away at all your other efforts.

2. Physical strength

Thankfully the days are over when women were expected to be “just thin” with nary a toned muscle in sight. There are numerous ways to improve your physical strength, muscular female bodies are seen as beautiful (as are a variety of other body types), and that whole “weaker sex” idea is flying out the window. According to Women’s Health Magazine, more and more women are embracing both their curves and their muscles, which is a great balance.

3. Emotional strength

Being emotionally strong is something that comes with experience and conscious practice. It takes a big toll on your emotional health to balance professional and personal lives. From managing friendships to romantic relationships, raising children to breaking glass ceilings, emotional strength is something that comes from surviving and learning. It’s how stress and challenges are handled that makes all the difference.

4. Spiritual strength

You don’t have to identify with a certain religion in order to enjoy spiritual strength (but of course that’s an option). Reflection on yourself, the world, and embracing a more peaceful lifestyle is all part of growing your spirit. Mindful meditation is something that trumps any kind of organized religion and can greatly attune your mental strength to your spiritual strength. Some mediation gurus say a life of successful meditation comes down to just a few seconds of genuine reflection.

5. Passion strengths

Whether your passion is writing, running, gardening or something else, getting stronger at your passions and hobbies is paramount to a healthy lifestyle. Can’t think of something you’re enamored with off the bat? Don’t worry because there’s no deadline or time limit. Think of activities or hobbies that interest you and then commit to delving deeper into them in 2015.

6. Professional strength

How strong are you as an employee, employer, entrepreneur or other professional? This is something you’ll never master, but can get better at each day. Your professional life takes up a majority of your waking hours, so make sure you’re strong at it. This is done through practice, education and being open minded.

Women are undoubtedly strong, but can always grow stronger. Make 2015 the year of strength, no matter how you define it or how it impacts your life.

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