6 Worst Sins of Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best tool you can use nowadays in order to convert leads to clients. It helps you connect on a more personal level with hundreds of people. However, organizing and managing an email marketing campaign can be pretty demanding, especially if you want to sell a home fast. Making some mistakes seems to be inevitable. For instance, many real estate professionals are still struggling with writing the appropriate content and good subject lines. Or they just forget the huge importance of creating an email list on time. All of this means you need to plan quite in advance. In addition, you must plan what NOT to do during your online campaign. Without further ado, here are six worst sins in email marketing. Those you should really try hard to avoid.

# 1 Irrelevant Content

The worst type of content is the one that includes the following:
open house announcements;
market statistics;
just listed;
price reductions.
Avoid including any of this information in your emails as it is absolutely irrelevant to your consumers. They want to hear a valuable information that is interesting to them. Think about the ways you can earn your clients’ trust. Make the emails about them, not about you. That’s how you’ll attract their attention.

# 2 Random Schedule

When it comes to making a plan, you must decide on the schedule of sending regular, as well as seasonal emails. Consistency is the key factor in maintaining a successful email marketing campaign. Create a strategy that will be consistent and make a concise plan concerning content. If you don’t follow the schedule you created in advance, you’ll face the risk of losing the leads and, thus, failing in keeping your prospective customers interested in what you have to say.

# 3 Generic Subject Line

Take just this fact into consideration – 1.9 billion of non-spam emails are sent every day. That’s a serious number. The odds that your potential consumer will open the email you sent are pretty small. The subject line would have to be really, really good. Not good, brilliant!

A good subject line is witty, creative, but also clear and short. Make sure you deliver a clear message that is followed by relevant content. The subject line should have up to 50 characters, or fewer, especially if you want it to be fully displayed on a mobile device. In addition, avoid words such as buy, free and using all caps, like CLICK or REMINDER. These are spam words that will instantly send your email to a recipient’s spam folder.

# 4 No call-to-action

Each email you send, unless it is a greeting email, should include call-to-action, CTA. You should clearly state what your intentions are and the best way to do it is to put CTA. Write a detailed guideline telling your readers what you want them to do. Be clear and concise. People prefer being talked to directly than having to read in between the lines.

# 5 Hard Sell

One of the usual mistakes real estate agents make is starting the hard sell immediately. People don’t like the idea of buying something right away. They want to get useful information about the product or the service, not hear about the sales pitch. Getting to know your prospective consumers via email marketing is the same as meeting somebody in person. It takes time. There is a real person at the other end, that’s what you need to bear in mind each time you write an email. Get to know the person first.

# 6 Last but not Least – Not Asking

This is perhaps one of the worst possible mistakes you can do – adding people to your email list without previously asking their permission. Many agents add their past clients or prospects to the list just because they worked together or they saw their email on a social media channel. This is a big no-no. An email address is a personal information. Ask people if they would like to be on your list before you add them. If they are interested in what you have to offer and plus, they like you, they will confirm. In addition, always provide them with the visible option to unsubscribe, if they decide to stop receiving your emails. People respect professional realtors who state their offer and then let people choose what suits them best.

So, take the time to plan your marketing strategy carefully if you want your email list to start growing and people who subscribe become your clients. Be consistent and direct, take it slow and follow the plan. Being successful is all about having a good strategy.


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