$60-Billion: The ‘social cost’ of urban immobility [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hand with money and toy carHave you been stuck in a horrible traffic lately? I bet you have, specially as we are in the thick of this year’s holiday rush. Traffic may now seem like a part of our daily life, but did you know that we lose as much as $60-Billion every year because of this dilemma?

At $60 billion, traffic congestion cost in highly urban American cities could have very well swapped for the price of delivering basic social services to middle and low-income Americans. The hefty cost of congestion is looming to be among the most pressing challenges faced by first world economies, with equivalent social costs to boot.

“Stuck in City Traffic: Counting the ‘Social’ Cost of Urban Immobility” is a timely infographic that provides a meaningful look of the cost of urban traffic congestion by presenting how all these wasted money could have filled the gaps where social service delivery tapers off.

Check out the effects and consequences of losing precious money to road congestion in the infographic here: http://bit.ly/19BQidc.

 [embedit snippet=”urban-mobility”]


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