7 Common Makeup Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

7 Common Makeup Mistakes

7 Common Makeup Mistakes:

Everyone makes mistakes, but when it comes to these 12 most common makeup mistakes, fixing your mistake is the difference between looking like a queen and looking like a clown. If you find yourself making one or maybe even all of the makeup mistakes listed below, have heart in knowing these makeup mistakes can happen to anyone, and the following tips will have you applying your makeup like a professional in no time.

  1. Choosing the wrong foundation

Wearing the wrong foundation common is very likely the most common makeup mistake made by women. Many women opt for a foundation that brings color to their skin, but foundation shouldn’t brighten up your color at all- that’s that blush and bronzers are for. Foundation isn’t made to add color to your skin, but instead it can cover-up imperfections and create a perfect, smooth complexion.

EXPERT TIP: It’s a common mistake that trying foundation on your hand is the way to create a good match. Rather, foundation should be tested on the jaw line to ensure a smooth color transition. Even better, ask for a sample of the foundation and try it at home before making the purchase. While foundation may match in one light, it’s possible that it will appear too light or dark in different lighting, which is why experts suggest a take-home sample to try under different lighting sources first.

  1. Putting makeup over dry skin

You should think of your skin like a canvas. When applying makeup, the condition of your canvas has a lot to do with the overall result of the application. When your skin is too dry, foundation won’t do it much justice. In fact, makeup experts say it’s one of the most horrific common makeup mistakes women make. When foundation is used over dry skin, it will sit on top of the dry skin flakes rather than blending it, making the dry skin more apparent and the makeup a waste.

EXPERT TIP: Fixing dry skin isn’t as difficult as many women think. In fact, a quick exfoliation treatment once a week will generally do the trick for removing the dead skin. Once you’ve exfoliated, use a thick moisturizer regularly in between treatments.

  1. Using blue eyeshadow

In a perfect world, everyone would look good in blue eyeshadow, but this isn’t a perfect world. Most makeup artists agree that blue eyeshadow is best suited for young children dance parties and Halloween, but most people should over this harsh eyeshadow color at all costs.

EXPERT TIP: If you love the way blue brings out your eyes, opt for a blue eyeliner. A thin line of blue can pop your eyes without looking ridiculous.


  1. Attempting to plump your lips

While plump lips can be appealing, there’s several other lip features that make them unique and attractive. There’s many tricks in the book of “lip plumping” but most of them just make you look ridiculous, while taking away from your natural appeal. The most common makeup mistake made when it comes to lips is lining the outside of the natural lip line to make the lips appear bigger, while using the wrong colored liner. Lining the lips to create a plump look can be done, but it’s actually a diligent process that takes precision for it to work. The wrong color liner or technique will have your looking more like a fish than the plumped lip beauty you were aiming for.

EXPERT TIP: While it’s not suggested you try to line outside of your lips to create a full-effect, if you absolutely must try, opt for a lip liner that matches the exact shade of your natural lips, and line your actual lips. Rather than lining outside of the lip, create a line on the outer line of your lips, but don’t pass over the natural line. Using this technique will create some fullness without looking fake.

  1. Eyebrows gone wrong

You’ve most likely heard it before, but eyebrows are the most important part of your look, as they essentially frame your face. Many women face one of these two issues when it comes to their eyebrows; over-tweezing or completely ignoring them. Your eyebrows are already thinning out as you age, making it even more important that you tweeze with precision.

EXPERT TIP: When you’re fixing out of control eyebrows, clean up the area above, below, and between your eyebrows to create a flattering shape without looking like you have no eyebrows at all. If you’re not sure how thin they should be, go to a professional a few times to see how much hair was removed and follow that guideline.

  1. Using an entire pallet

Many women often think just because a pallet contains several different colors, they have to wear them. There are some great color combinations found in pallets, but only a maximum of three colors should be worn at a time. Too many colors doesn’t look nice, it looks more harsh and

EXPERT TIP: Your eye shadow should consist of three colors, with one color on the lids, another in the crease and another under the brow bone. Three colors that match one theme should be used when creating the finished product. Experts also say that for every day wear that’s without a special occasion, one color on the lids is sufficient.


  1. Contouring your face

Just a glimpse at the latest makeup products to hit the market, and it’ll be clear that face sculpting has become the new trend. While most women would love a ski-slope nose and perfectly chiseled cheekbones, the fact is that’s not reality. Very few women has those perfect features, and if they do, they’re almost always photo shopped. Professional makeup artists can pull off an amazing contour, but it’s best to leave it to them, as it’s generally only used in the professional makeup world for film and television. Even the most skilled make enthusiasts will generally appear streaky in broad daylight, which is why professionals use it for the big screen, not everyday life.

EXPERT TIP: Skip face sculpting altogether and instead opt for makeup that’s light and natural, while using more dramatic colors to play up your best features.


Wearing makeup is a wonderful way to enhance your natural beauty, but it should never be used to create beauty. Many women and women alike think that more is better, but it’s important to remember that when it comes to wearing makeup, less is always more.

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