7 Types of Toxic Co-Workers


Are you happy at work? Seems like a silly question, right? The truth is that many of spend more time at work than with our spouses or kids. But we often pay less attention to whether our work relationships are healthy, as we do (or should) with our personal ones.

This is a great time to stop and re-evaluate whether there is unnecessary toxicity in your professional (and personal) live. Do you feel your boss is truly supportive of you or do you feel you always have to watch your back? Do you feel your peers have your true interest or do you feel they are waiting  for you to “slip up?” Do you feel have a healthy collaborative competition with your workmates or do you feel it is a dog-eat-dog world? We all complain about our workload and frustrations every now and then, but for the most part, do you go home satisfied, thinking, “I’m glad that even in tough times, we’ve got a great team.”

7 Types of Toxic Co-Workers

Here are seven common toxic relationships we find at work – do any of them look familiar?

    • The Gossip: loves to tell a tale and is eager to rope you in. We all love a good story, so at first, it seems like we’re “in the know.” If this one gossips about others, don’t be surprised when you’re next.
    • The Critic: first to point out, usually in front of your boss and a large group, what you did wrong. This one uses criticism not to help improve, but to cut you down.
    • The Passive Agressor: seems to compliment you or offer you wonderful advice, but it’s always in a backhanded way. This one usually looks like a friend, but it’s not a friend with whom you feel 100% you.
    • The Dramatist: creates issues in any situation, blows up even the smallest problems into calamities. If you let this one get you, you may get pulled into endless hours of “oh my gosh, you have to help me!!!!!!”
    • The Traitor: invites you in as a confidante, but somehow your fears or anxieties get relayed to your boss or others. This one is generally a repeat offender.
    • The Narcissist: loves to talk about achievements, issues, projects…as long as they’re not about you or anyone else. This one won’t let you get a word in, unless it’s something complimentary.
    • The Blamer: is always the victim and is always the wronged. This one will find fault with everyone else, including you, but never take responsibility.

Are you one of them?

Take a look around you and be honest.

This was first published on www.Hummingbirdrcc.com.

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