7 Fantastic Series for Harry Potter Lovers

7 Fantastic Series for Harry Potter Lovers
Are you a Harry Potter lover? Are you looking for another series to read aloud to your kids (or binge by yourself after they’re in bed)? Here are seven great series that you’re sure to love!
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These books were popular in the 1980s, but they have staying power. Perfect for the 7-12 year old crowd, book one starts with three siblings: Simon, Jane, and Barney who are searching for the Holy Grail in Cornwall, because the grail can help the Light. As the series progresses, and the Dark gets stronger, things look dicey for a while, but it still all resolves with a happy ending when the Light finally triumphs.
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As this series begins, Artemis Fowl, teenage criminal mastermind, holds a fairy for ransom. But throughout the series Artemis changes and grows from anti-hero to hero, making him a very appealing character. A cross between action-packed mystery and more traditional fantasy books, this series is darkly funny, and perfect for 10-13 year olds.
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This quartet is definitely for older teens, because there are some dark themes and profanity. But Stiefvater is a brilliant writer, who manages to make the implausibility of the teens’ quest to King Owen Glendower’s body…in Virginia… entirely believable. And the friendship between the four boys from upscale Aglionby Academy and Blue Sargent, fiercely independent daughter of a local psychic, is depicted beautifully.
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Another classic series, this quintet is based loosely on Welsh mythology. Alexander’s heroes — including the lovely Princess Eilonwy, and Taran, a pig-herder, must undergo all sorts of adventures in order to save the Kingdom of Prydain. Ages 7 and up will love this series.
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This series is based on mythology too, but Greek mythology this time. Percy Jackson, an average kid with ADD, is shocked to discover that he’s actually a demi-god, and that his absent father is the god Poseidon. This series is laugh out loud funny, as Percy and his friends undergo all sorts of adventures. And the second series by Riordan, The Heroes of Olympus, is also great – featuring many of the same characters, but adding in Roman mythology as well. Percy Jackson is of a similar age to Harry Potter, starting his adventures around age 11, so kids of that age will probably love the series.
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The Green Knowe books are a great blend of British history and fantasy. Young Tolly, spending the holidays with his grandmother at her old house (named Green Knowe), discovers that the spirits of many of the people who have lived here are still haunting it. Tolly’s ancestors have lived in Green Knowe for centuries, and over the course of the series he meets many of them, and learns about life in their era. These books may be a little scary for the youngest of readers (some of the spirits are not nice ones), but ages 9 and up are sure to enjoy!
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This one may not quite be a “series”, since it’s just two books, but the magic of them is sure to grab the interest of even reluctant readers. Young Will is shocked when his toy castle, and tiny knight, come to life, and then when he ends up in the castle, fighting for his life. Any child who’s ever imagined their toys coming to life will love these swashbuckling adventures.
What fantasy books do YOU love?
Jessica Howard lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband, kids, and hundreds of books.


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