7 Networking Tips: Tip 7

7 Networking Tips: Tip 7
7 Networking Tips: Tip 7

7 Networking Tips: Tip 7

So far we have ticked off the following traits of good Networkers;
They have a little black book, they have a plan, they follow up and they make things easy.

Today we focus on trait number 5, great Networkers research and have an understanding of networking organisations. There are companies, associations, clubs and organisations whose purpose and function is to facilitate networking opportunities.

Trait 5: Good Networkers are connected to networking organisations.

Some examples of groups which traditionally have provided spaces, events and opportunities for networking are: The Toastmaster Club, The Lions Club, The Freemasons. This can be expanded into schools, two of the most famous being Oxford and Cambridge. Sports clubs and fraternities can open up doors to networks and connections of previous players or members.

Common interests is a growing networking space with arts, theater and charity affiliations regularly offering social and formal opportunities to meet like minded people.

Some companies even run speed networking events. I personally find these the least effective as it’s like speed dating and I focus on developing a genuine relationship or connection and find a common interest or discussion point a more natural way of making a connection.

DO: Look for organisations that have business owners in the same area of interest as you.

A dear friend of mine who is an amazing networker is a member of associations, offers to guest speak at functions and attends many events that are rich in potential clients. She has a clear business vision and as this plan is on her mind when an opportunity to make a connection occurs it is natural and usually mutually beneficial.

DO: Pick an opportunity to show leadership or contribute. Play to your strengths and people will notice.

DON’T: Pick a club or interest that you have no knowledge of or connection to.

DON’T jump on people straight away, look for opportunities to display your skills and attributes while supporting or interacting with the group.

In Summary,

There are clubs, associations and groups world wide which present opportunities to network with people. It is important to do your research so that you find one which matches your interests so that you can engage in genuine relationships and make connections.

Remember that networking has a karmic energy: be generous in your assistance and support of others, be genuine in the connections you make and honest in your intentions. You attract what you give out.

Next we look at Trait 6, how good networkers use social media.

Wishing everyone success.



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