7 Simple Ways to Use Twitter for your Business!

TwitterTwitter users are hungry for new ideas, opportunities, information, products and services. If your business is not on Twitter, you’re leaving two huge opportunities untouched: growing your business and improving it.

Here are 7 simple ways to use Twitter for your business. They are so simple you can start today!

    1. Announce a new product or service – let the world know about your new product or service. Trust me, someone is looking for what you have to offer.


    1. Special promotions – give your Twitter followers a coupon code for discounts on what you offer.


    1. Links to press releases – post links to your press releases


    1. Posts links to interesting articles – give credit to others by posting links to articles, blog posts, etc.


    1. Ask questions – find out what your ideal client or target market wants.


    1. Get involved in the conversation – talk, share, laugh!


    1. Research – ask your followers questions, do market research.


These 7 simple steps can get you noticed, easily and quickly. If you’ve found this helpful, please comment and share!



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