7 Symptoms of a Poverty Mentality

7 Symptoms of a Poverty Mentality
Is your life filled with lackluster love, diminishing prosperity or unbridled self-doubt? Do you sometimes wonder why you just can’t get ahead in life. The answer is simple. You may have developed a poverty mentality that will continue to hold you back from living the life you know you deserve.
Are you looking for a cure? Grab a bottle of aspirin, a glass of water and your thermometer as you review this list of the 7 Symptoms of a Poverty Mentality.
1. Focused on entertainment – Is your main focus in life following the celebrity gossip columns, making sure you make it to the bar each Friday night or setting your DVR so that you don’t miss any of your 5 favorite shows? Your focus on entertainment is holding you back from achievement in all areas of your life. How can you move your life forward when your main activity is watching others live their dreams? Your life will become just as interesting as those you fantasize about if you turn off the television, focus on your ascension and create your own adventure.
2. Closed Mind- Are you sure you’re ‘right’ about the path to your success? Does every other religion annoy and offend you? Do you have a racist or superior attitude towards others? If so, you are sabotaging your chances at success by being closed minded to the variety of wisdom available to you from those who are different from you. Your closed mind may be full, but it will never be full of the wisdom you need to grow if you do not accept that there are many paths to success and your current path may not be the right one. Be open to learning from others.
3. Placing Blame- Does everyone you meet turn out to be a villain in your life? Did someone’s actions hold you back from achieving your goal and you became angry because of it? Placing the blame for your current situation on anyone but yourself demonstrates your lack of power over your life. You are giving every stranger who walks into your life the remote control for your future. Once you learn to accept that everything that has happened to you, is your fault, you will be ready to move on from it.
4. Singing Another Sad Song – Is your life a sob story of attack after vicious attack? When you first meet someone does your conversation lead toward every bad event that has happened in your life? Do you beat the drum of every failure you’ve ever experienced, time and time again? You are writing the story of your life and it sounds like poverty, lack and misery. Change your story. Highlight the good times and prosperous moments. Paint a positive picture and bask in the glory of a brand new memoir.
5. Your Investments Matter- So you’ve never bought a stock or a CD but you spent $100 on a purse last week. With every purchase you make, you are investing in yourself. Is your budget set up to include pedicures and expensive shoes yet you haven’t purchased a book or signed up for a new course to enrich your earning ability? Stop investing in things that bring immediate gratification and invest in enriching your mind so that you can grow your income.
6. Your Excuses- Did an ex-boyfriend break your spirit and now you can’t seem to believe in yourself anymore? Did your Mom yell at you and call you ugly when you were a child so you can’t seem to shake those words in order to move forward? Do the words, “I can’t because…” flow easily from your tongue? Your excuses are the reason why you are living in perpetual poverty mentally and physically. There are no excuses for not progressing in life. There are those who choose to view obstacles and puzzles and those who choose to view obstacles as STOP signs. Your excuses are your STOP sign. Eliminate them.
7. Your view of the world- You can’t seem to walk down the street without analyzing everyone who walks by and criticizing their wardrobe, their mannerisms and their style. In fact, you criticize everything about everyone and the worst part is, you’re not getting paid for it. Your view of the world and how you react to everyone and everything around you is a clue about how you view yourself and your hopes for the future. If you choose to see the world and those you interact with as magic, your life will reflect that magic too. If you choose to see the world as disgusting, you’re holding up a mirror to your own life experience.
Get rid of these debilitating symptoms TODAY and watch your life transform.

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