7 Things the Pros Want Entrepreneurs to Know About Juggling

images-1Entrepreneurs are famous for juggling. Even though we juggle everything from bookkeeping to bill collections to business development, there’s much we can learn from professional jugglers to help us turn the madness of juggling into a masterpiece.

Juggling is a skill. Once it’s learned, it’s very much like riding a bike. You never forget. And, if juggling is going to be part of your everyday business, why not learn to master the craft. Here are 7 tricks professional jugglers want you to know:

  1. Practice and persistence is key. You’ve heard “practice makes perfect”? Well, it’s actually persistent practice makes perfect. Don’t just randomly juggle all there is to do in your business, learn to juggle with intention.
  2. Relax and visualize what you want to happen. Juggling can be stressful — especially when injected with worry and fear. Take a few, deep breaths. Picture yourself smoothly and effortlessly moving from one task to another. Concentrate on what you want to happen.
  3. Accept that “dropping” is inevitable. Perfectionism is incompatible with juggling. An occasional “drop” is a normal part of the process. Forgive yourself when it happens.
  4. Learn to throw and catch one ball correctly first. Who doesn’t want to be a master juggler? It’s only natural. But, even the most gifted jugglers hone their craft one step at a time. Start simply.
  5. Work on consistent, steady throws. When you focus on the throw, the catch naturally follows. Skillful execution leads to successful outcomes. Focus on the implementation and the result will follow.
  6. Pause between each throw. The brain is incapable of sustained performance without time to rejuvenate. For maximum performance, plan a 10-minute recess every 90 minutes to refresh and renew your efforts.
  7. Hold each ball loosely in your hand. Don’t choke innovation by holding too tightly to a proposed agenda. Cradle proposed plans loosely to allow for opportunities to develop.

There you have it. Everything you need to know to juggle like the pros. After all, if you’re going to juggle in your business anyway, why not refine your talent and impress your friends.

What’s next? How about eating an apple while you juggle….