7 Tips for balancing Work and Travel

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© Antony McAulay – Fotolia.com

If you find yourself struggling full time trying to handle your growing business, you might wonder how you can ever take the time to travel. Self-employed entrepreneurs often cannot take weeks off at a time from their responsibilities.However, you do not have to choose between work and travel. It is possible to become a digital nomad and continue your work while on the go if you follow a few simple guidelines.

Schedule Work Time and Down Time

Perhaps at home you tend to work long hours because there is always more to be done, but on the road you need time to get out and look around. Realistically figure the time it will take you to get your most urgent work done, and schedule that amount of work time daily. Work when you are most productive. If you are a morning person, get up early and put in the hours. If you do your best work in the afternoons, sightsee or sunbathe in the mornings.

Take Your Time

Do not be in a great hurry to rush from one place to the next. Give yourself enough time and stability in each location to get some work done. Instead of visiting many places for short periods of time, visit fewer places longer.

Know Your Needs

As much as possible, plan your work ahead so that when you sit down online you know exactly what you need to do and can get right to it. Unexpected circumstances arise and you cannot always stick to the game plan, but at least if you have an outline of what you hope to accomplish on your trip, you will not have to waste time foundering when you begin the day’s work.

Consider Your Companions

If you are traveling with a friend or your significant other, you are going to want to spend some time together. If you are always working or too tired to go out after work, you defeat the purpose of traveling and might as well have stayed home. Talk together about how to balance work and play time. Communicate about any frustrations or emergencies that arise. Be in tune to your partner’s needs. If necessary and possible, forego that last bit of business to be able to take that special excursion or do that special activity together.

Plan Your Itinerary

Work out your itinerary and book your hotels and transportation in advance to save yourself time and trauma. In some locales it is not easy to find vacant accommodations during holiday season, and having to search costs you both work and play time. Figure out where you want to go and take care of these details online well ahead of departure. Leave yourself free to do what you came there to do. Find out more about accommodation and transportation bookings at suitable directories.


Prioritizing is always a good idea, but when you are traveling, time is even more precious than usual. When you sit down to work, do the biggest jobs and the most urgent work first. There is a fleeting sense of accomplishment in knocking off several small items, but these things are usually not as important as the time-consuming, laborious, complex tasks that are often the heart of the business.

Minimize Time Wasters

Beware of online time wasters. Limit yourself to checking email once a day. Answer work-related messages during your work hours, and save friendly messages to answer at another time. Turn off social media completely during work hours. If possible, remove social media apps completely from your work computer, and access these sites from your mobile phone on your down time.

If you plan ahead, schedule properly, make the most of your work time and accommodate your companions, instead of choosing between work and travel, you can have the best of both.

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