7 Tips for Effective Marketing to Moms

7 Tips for Effective Marketing to Moms

Want more mom customers?  In this new media age, for your brand to reach its greatest success potential with moms, it has to socialize with them.  It needs to participate directly in conversations with moms and engage in meaningful exchanges.  And, your brand must to do it in ways that increase your relevance and value in their eyes . . . or, moms will ignore it.

To connect with moms, your brand must develop a credible voice.  This voice must be engaging, personal, humble, authentic and participatory.

So, how can your brand motivate moms to have long-lasting relationships with it?  Here are 7 tips that everyone on your marketing team should use as a blueprint for effectively marketing to moms.


 1.  People First

Tap into moms’ orientation toward people as the most important aspect of their lives.  Let moms see, hear and read stories about people and situations from people she’d like to have relationships with.

2.  Help Her Connect

Moms naturally gravitate towards brands that help them converse and connect with other moms.  You can accomplish this through your website, blogs, social media and having a presence on sites where she and other moms are connecting.

3.  Develop and Link Online & Offline Events

Women enjoy the warmth and interaction of belonging – this is especially true for moms.  Think about creating fan groups via your web, social media and opt-in communications groups on sites where moms gather.  Then, develop events where the groups can get together in person and intensify that feeling of belonging that moms desire.

4.  Help Others

Moms want to help other people.  If your brand shows her you help others, she’ll bond with you and tell her friends.  Make it real.  Make it honest.  Don’t do it just for publicity . . . she’ll sense phoniness (women’s intuition) and walk away from your brand.

5.  Respect Her

Moms want your brand to listen to them and respond to what they’re saying.  Remember when you were younger and your mom told you to respect other people?  Well, today’s moms are demanding that brands respect them.  Respect moms by understanding them and their needs.

6.  The “Girlfriend Factor”

Moms enjoy being with other moms – their girlfriends.  It keeps them healthy, happy and sane.  Did you know that when women are faced with a stressful situation, they don’t experience the same “fight or flight” behavior as men?  Women will huddle with girlfriends, which biologically decreases stress levels.

7.  Make Her Laugh

Women have a different sense of humor than men.  Men’s humor grows out of men’s culture — humor is another way to connect through put-downs and one-upmanship.  For men, a joke’s punch line usually plays on how some poor guy gets his come-uppance.

Women’s humor grows out of female gender culture.  It operates on the dynamic of identifying with the person in the funny situation.  This is particularly true for moms.  They enjoy recognizing the similarities.  What type of humor is your brand using?

It’s becoming increasingly more important to develop contextual messaging presented in media formats that engage moms.  By utilizing these 7 tips for marketing to moms, your brand will reach its greatest success potential when marketing to moms.

Fran Lytle is a behaviorist, brand strategist, co-founder of Brand Champs (www.BrandChamps.com)  and author with expertise in marketing to women and moms.  She can be reached at [email protected].

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